Great night for basketball!

First we have a tight game between two teams(Boston and Indiana) who should face each other on the playoffs, boston wins it with a game-winner by Jeff Green.
Then the cavs beat the Utah Jazz with Kyrie Irving taking over in the fourth.
In a game that should have been a blowout, the Magic almost end the Heat winning streak but Lebron James shows up in the fourth and score the game winner.
And the Lakers...
Down 102-88 with 6 minutes to go the lakers wake up and become the team they can be. They go on a 20-0 run with Kobe playing at a very high level scoring 42 points dishing out 12 assists and with 7 rebounds(that elbow doesn`t seem to be bothering) and Dwight Howard showing the Old Dwight that we`re used to with a clutch block on a Robin Lopez dunk to seal the game. Meeks was also huge in this game.

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can`t forget to mention

I can`t forget to mention Ricky Rubio filling up the stat sheet with 15 points, 11 assists, 7 reboundas and 6 steals. The kid got talent and hustle, you got a love that.

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Um Nik Vucevic with his 2nd,

Um Nik Vucevic with his 2nd, 20n20 game on the Heat....

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