Great Day of Basketball!

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Great Day of Basketball!

With a full slate of games today we have already seen some AMAZING performances (and its only 6:00 ET!). Hasheem Thabeet nearly missed another triple double with a career high 25 points, a career high 20 rebounds and 9 blocked shots! Then there was Jodie Meeks who dropped 45 points on Arkansas along with 7 rebounds, 2 assists, 3 steals and 7 three pointers. Last but not least Blake Griffin had a video-game-esque 40 points and 23 rebounds on 16-22 shooting. Simply an unbelievable day for some of the biggest names in college basketball.

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All-star weekend

Dont forget the slam dunk contest

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I agree

Obviously, Blake Griffin is simply a beast in college basketball. He is and will be the number 1 pick in the 2009 NBA draft. Hasheem Thabeet just dominated Seton Hall with 25 pts and 20 boards with 9 blocks. He is still raw at the offensive end but clearly will be a defensive presence on the next level. Jodie Meeks from Kentucky dropped 45 and he has really blossomed into the go to guy there, not Patrick Patterson. Not mentioned, Jordan Hill had a great performance today versus UCLA. I posted a bulletin a couple of weeks ago saying Hill wasn't that good and all that but he proved me wrong today. I know its just one game but Hill really opened my eyes today.

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Lebron James 2010

2010 NBA Dunk Contest Lineup
LeBron James,
Dwight Howard,
Brandon Jennings,
Terrance Williams

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Terrance Williams is not on the level of Lebron James dunking and brandon jennings wouldn't win either.
I don't think Dwight has anything new he can use, so I don't think he will be back in it.
It should be Lebron James, Andre Igoudala, Josh Smith, and Derrick Rose in the dunk contest in 2010

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Trinajoes slam dunk lineup is exactly right, and when it is, it will be the best contest in like a gazillion years!

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