Great Article By Kareem

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Great Article By Kareem

I think Kareem really nails it with this article. Donald Sterling is a racist, but the media blew this up way too much. Sterling has been racist for years. Not only that, but this was an illegal tape of him in his home. Don't get me wrong, he should not be an owner, but this isn't the first time this has happened.

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I'm glad someone came out and

I'm glad someone came out and said this. I've felt the same way since the story was first reported. We were talking about how cheap and stupid Sterling was on this site for years. Before Blake Griffin even played a game. While Chris Paul was a hornet. We all agreed he was a disgusting human being. There is a post somewhere in here about the Elgin Baylor thing. Nobody was calling for his head then.

I think what Sterling said was terrible. It just bothers me how it was done and the timing of it. I try to stay positive and was having a great time watching an amazing NBA first round. This really has taken all the steam out of what should be a great time of year. Then I am with Kareem. For this lady to do that to someone that trusted her(you don't just say that to some chick I wouldn't think) is wrong. Now I'm not sure about legality. I've heard that a recorded convo isn't illegal of there is a party of at least 3 and 2 are aware of recording but don't quote me.

All in all I think he needs to be forced to sell. Yes he will get the profits but you can't get everything. Don't punish the clippers as a franchise because of one idiot. They weren't cheating and don't agree with him. Make him sell. He'll, have the league buy it and sell it themselves. Let's just move on and enjoy basketball again.

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Silver made a statement to all future owners.

This is something that I wanted to come out and say. +1 for beating me to it. ( maybe I should be giving a point to Kareem though instead of the op.)

Silver had to make a statement with his punishment. Does it change anything from Sterling's viewpoint? No. Should it have? No, he's 80 freakin years old, what are you going to do, Shoot him? Does the punishment change the NBA and let the league know and future owners that a new boss is in town. Yes. Should it have? Yes. We should all stand up to this kind of racism no matter how small it is and stop it before it destroys us as a whole. We can't let what happened in the 60's happen again nearly 50 years later!

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Another great one by Kareem. Although his punishment was appropriate, its obvious that the whole thing on Stiviano's part was scripted and that the conversation was set up to get him to say those things.

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