Grantland's take on the Wiggins for Love Debate

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Grantland's take on the Wiggins for Love Debate

I know that we've pretty much beaten the Love for Wiggins trade scenarios into the ground. But for those who still want more content, I suggest reading Grantland's take.

Takes from Simmons, Klosterman, and a few other Grantland contributors as well.

If that's not enough, check out this biased take from a Wolves fan:

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stupid stupid stupid Cleveland. Seriously does anyone including the Cavs front office realize that a trading Wiggins mean you HAVE to win a championship in the next two or three years. You better be 150% sure you WILL win it all with James/Love/Irving. No runner ups or the move is a failure. 10 years from now the prospect with the most raw talent we've seen since LeBron was drafted will only be 29. Think about that. Wiggins's floor (especially learning from lebron) is about what a young Vince Carter was. The ceiling is Kobe. If you make the move you better be right. Love is a future HOFer but Wiggins has the potential to be a legend like his current teammate.

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