Grant Jerret to play for Tulsa 66ers

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Grant Jerret to play for Tulsa 66ers

There were quite a few unsigned second round draft picks this year who weren't foreign prospects. Such as Pierre Jackson, James Ennis, Colton Iverson, Desean Thomas, Erick Green and Alex Oriakhi who all signed with teams overseas. However Grant Jerrett did not intend to go overseas but the Thunder did not want to sign and then cut him. So they offered him to sign with their D-League affiliate the Tulsa 66ers. I actually don't find that being a bad idea at all of the Thunder doing that for Jerrett. You know the Thunder have a loaded roster when Jeremy Lamb and Perry Jones struggled to get playing time last year. When I first found out that Grant Jerrett was gonna leave after his one and only year at Arizona, I thought that was a bizarre decision of him to come out after averaging 5 points and 3 rebounds. I didn't even have him in my Mock Draft. Then I was shocked with how good he looked in Summer League and wondered why he couldn't play like that in college. I do see potential in him and maybe next year he could be something for the Thunder off the bench.

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He shoulda Transferred

He shoulda Transferred

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Eh, I suppose that's a good thing.

I understand why he left so early, it's because he had an underwhelming Freshman year, and decided to go pro rather than losing minutes to the new recruit coming in, or getting benched.

He can shoot 3s at a good clip, but he's still very skinny, and gets bullied when it comes to both defense and rebounds. Hopefully he can use the season in the D-league to bulk up and diversify his game a bit.

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Will bounce around

I agree, he should've xfer'd instead of putting his name in the draft. Playing for the D-League is cool, but he could've done that at anytime. He isn't ready for the NBA and I'm afraid we will never see him in the league. He may bounce around the Euro/D-League/Summer league for the next 5-6 years?

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