Granger & the Pacers

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Granger & the Pacers

Granger is due back from injury sometime in Feb. My question is how will he fit in ? Is it his team anymore ? Is he a first, second or third option now ?

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Pistons would take him! Send

Pistons would take him! Send tay and daye and maybe magette for granger (and a scrub player). This give the pistons much needed scoring at the sf spot and veteran leadership. On the pacers side, they get a defensive verteran sf, more cap space and gives Paul george more of a chance to break out and lance stephenson more time

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He is going to improve the

He is going to improve the the team. Depending on how healthy he is he'll be the first or second option.

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I think Grangers should be

I think Grangers should be moved for bk players and draft picks. Their identity has changed and he does not fit into their long term plans.

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Yeah their identity changed to a team that is losing lol, the Pacers suck this year and they proved that they need Granger or a big time scorer. They should have went after Mayo and when Granger went out he would of been at the 2 and George would have been at the 3. George is not a scorer he is an all around player, Mayo is a scorer and he is a lot younger then Granger that way they could have used Granger to go after a real Point Guard instead of using G.Hill mask as one.

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the thing that most upsets me about them

the fall back Roy Hibbert has had in his game... After gettin awarded with an all star selection last season, he's playin good on defense , but is terribly offensively! You would think with Danny Granger out he would pick up a bit of the load offensively, but is only averaging 9 points on 40% shooting... Terrible

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