Granger buyout

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Granger buyout

So basically the Sixers gave away Evan Turnr for nothing?

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Turner for

a higher draft pick by tanking harder.

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I hope the Spurs pick him up off this buyout. Much needed for a true backup SF/Kawhi injury insurance.

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They got.

Technically the got a 2nd round pick for him.

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I believe there was also

I believe there was also making minimum salary considerations

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Cleveland sportswriter Sam

Cleveland sportswriter Sam Amico said on his twitter page that he talked to a Gm of 1 of the teams Granger was reported to like to go to and the GM said he had zero interest and Granger was done..And there isn't as much interest as had been reported.......I dont know about him being done,becuz he scored in double figures in 12 in 29 of the games he played..To me he seemed out of snyc and didnt understand his new role....

Pacers felt he didnt mesh well when both he and George were on the floor...When playing with George,Vogel used him as a spot up shooter and he struggled to score.....

Heat players don't like him becuz of the way he acted during the playoffs ,getting up in their faces after fouls..Lebron called him ''stupid''..Caron Butler is the guy they're looking to sign..

Clippers need a small forward and playing ach like Rivers that know how to get the most out of his players ..And a pg like CP3 could help him rejuvenate his career....

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He should go to Miami and try

He should go to Miami and try to stick it to the Pacers. Probably won't happen but would be a way for him to let out some frustration and be motivated. I don't like him on the Clippers. Think they need a better defender at the wing spot but Granger would theoretically be an upgrade but I don't like the chemistry fit. I think a team like Minnesota could use his shooting though and he would help make a playoff push. Don't think he is done but he isn't more than an above average player now.

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If the Miami locker room let

If the Miami locker room let it be known they didn't like Grainger then I doubt they would persue him. The Clippers are a nice fit as are the Spurs. The Nets will sign any proven veteran to try and help them out, I'll throw in Portland who have LMA out and could use Grainger around LMA and Batum and also Chicago who are running a tight roster and didn't replace Deng.

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