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Dude is badddddd (as in real good). I think he slips into the top 10 this June. I got him over Porter and behind only Bennett for SFs. Who's with me?

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to me bennett is more of an

to me bennett is more of an undersized pf. ahead of porter? eh maybe. i suppose it's possible.

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A little high for me

I have no problem with moving him ahead of Shabazz (personally, I'm not there yet, but I understand it), but I can't move him ahead of Porter unless Otto measures smaller than the 6'8" he's listed at and Lil Big Dog measures taller than the 6'6" he's listed at. If GR3 were a better shooter I might be inclined to let the height thing slide, but Otto Porter is just to ready to contribute right away for me to consider Lil Big Dog ahead of him.

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I agree with you. I got

I agree with you. I got negged for saying I felt he was a better prospect than Shabazz. Likely when I do my mock, which will be sometime after the combine...I will have GR3 ahead of Shabazz should they both enter. Porter on the other hand goes a few spots ahead of those guys to me.

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Not so fast my friend...he's

Not so fast my friend...he's not that good yet, has the potential to be good. As a Michigan fan and watching most of thier games he disappears a lot and become passive. He had a streatch not to long ago were he he scored less then 10 points in like five games straight. He needs to stay another year and work on his consistency. And play more at the 2.

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at the begining of the year

at the begining of the year IMO he was michigans 2nd best player next to burke. now he kind of got lost in the shuffle because everyone on his team is playing so good. I believe he will have a solid nba career though. Definite lottery pick if he stays another year. if he goes this year chance of lottery but id say definite top 20.. i mean IMO

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is there any way he can play

is there any way he can play SG at the nest level?

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Please, i've said this before

Please, i've said this before and I'll say it again, don't cop out and say "GR3". It's lazy and a stupid nickname. Little Big Dog is waaaay better.

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he needs to come back though

he needs to come back though

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Glenn Robinson III

This guy is a year a way and he will be a top 5 pick in a very strong draft class, only if he puts in the hard work in the off season. His game at the moment needs more College experience, both GR3 and Mitch McGary should return for one more year. If he stays, he could be picked after Wiggins and Parker or could be a trio of elite wing players. Ball Handling and a consistent jump shot should be his main focus for next year.

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