Got to feel a bit for T-Rob

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Got to feel a bit for T-Rob

He was a top 5 pick and the 2nd best player on a lot of draft-day boards behind Davis. He went to a franchise in it's death throws before a seeming re-birth, got traded to Houston and buried in the depth chart and now traded again. Quite a 1 1/2 year story for someone considered one of the safest picks on draft-day.

I still think he has a ton of defensive potential, and quite a bit on the offensive end as well. Physically I don't believe he's undersized for an NBA PF, 6'9" with a 7'1" wingspan with his physique is entirely OK. He's a great re-bounder (10.8 per 36 minutes) and has the potential to develop a good pick-and-roll/pick-and-pop game, something Aldridge is great at.

I think Portland is a reasonable landing spot for him, particularly if Hickson bails. He can learn for LA and operate with a great young half-court-savvy PG in Lillard. I really hope he pans out, I always though he was a bit raw for all the talk about a 'safe' pick but in the right scenario there's no way he shouldn't evolve into a starting-calibre PF with all-star (or all-star snub like his new team mate :P) potential.

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Agreed Tough situation for

Agreed Tough situation for him to be at. But as long he can stay healthy I think he'll continue to get a paycheck in the NBA. He can rebound like a monster. He's got to be a Faried type player.

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