Gortat lobbying for SVG haha

Marcin Gortat [email protected]
SVG !!!!

Marcin Gortat [email protected]
SVG is out there.....

Wavy Bagels fka...
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Now why in Michael Beasley's

Now why in Michael Beasley's weed stash would SVG want to coach the Suns?

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The only reason I can come up with as to why Gortat wants SVG is for Ron Jeremy jokes. It's certainly not because the Suns are a good 3 point shooting team (25th in the league at 6 made a game).

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The Master of Panic needs to

The Master of Panic needs to make a return to the league. Phoenix would be a great fit since nobody expects them to win this year or the next couple as well.

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It's about time they got rid

It's about time they got rid of Gentry and his inconsistent rotations. It's impossible for guys like Beasley to succeed when they get 30 minutes one night and 5 minutes the next. Consistency is important for developing players, and without Nash around to make him look good, Gentry has been exposed for the terrible coach he is.

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