Gordon vs Grant

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Gordon vs Grant

I really want to know why this site has had J.Grant ahead of Aaron Gordon all year? They're both tweeners but I believe Gordon has the ability to be helpful now and very good later while Grant may be one of those athletic players who either booms or bust.

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i hate Grant as an NBA

i hate Grant as an NBA prospect. i wouldnt touch him. the guy is 6'8 and is a stick. has no perimter game and no post game. he's athletic, but thats it. he has no position. he cant handle or pass the ball like gordon can. people might bring up Grant's defensive potential, but the guy played in a zone and collected a low total number of steals and blocks.

Gordon is more physcially mature, and more versatile. he can pass, handle is decent, and is a good defender on the perimeter. he actually may have a niche at the next level as a glue guy.

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There's always room in The

There's always room in The League for guys with Gordon's athleticism and motor.

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Totally agree, also Gordon 18

Totally agree, also Gordon 18 months younger. I understand criticism on Gordon's lack of offensive skills, but you could say the same things for Grant and I don't see him having the same basketball instincts.

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Don't forget about Gordon's Basketball IQ.

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Like it or not, Grant has that NBA pedigree, which always counts for something.

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i think if gordon can be an

i think if gordon can be an energy 4 for any team in the league.if he gets on a team like the phoenix suns you'll see shawn marion 2.0

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I honestly believe it is some

I honestly believe it is some personal prejudice by whoever runs the mock on this site. They seem to have a vendetta against him even though they had him top 5 while they were all still in HS. I mean, literally eveyone else on the planet has Gordon top 10 and they still try to act like Doug McDermott is a better NBA prospect. I don't get it.

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