Gordon - Griffin

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Gordon - Griffin

This is a Public Service Announcement: Please stop calling Aaron Gordon the next Blake Griffin.

Yes, they're super athletic, yes, they're short armed, yes they're power forwards, yes they hustle, yes, they... Hold on, there's nothing else.

Blake Griffin's impact comes on offense. He is a great pick-and-roll player with an awesome post game and passing instincts.

Aaron Gordon's impact does not come on offense. He's an under-aggressive PnR player without a real post game or noticeable passing instincts.

Blake Griffin's body type is thick, built, and conducive to post play.

Aaron Gordon's body type is lean, slithery, and conducive to perimeter play.

Blake Griffin is a below-average defender. He gets lost, is often a step late, and doesn't play much perimeter defense.

Aaron Gordon is an outstanding defender. He always knows where to be, he is a pest, he makes all the rotations, and plays great perimeter defense.

In short, Griffin = Great offense, suited to the paint, and Gordon = Great defense, suited to the perimeter.

I know that Gordon can't shoot or handle yet, I'm saying physically he's much more built for the perimeter.

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100% agreed. once you compare

100% agreed.

once you compare Gordon to Griffin at this point of the year, you jus told the whole world you have seen no college basketball...or have never seen Blake play...or a combo of both lol

i also feel theirs some race to it. they're both light skinned and athletic, thats why the comparisons keep coming up.

Rip255 (not verified)

Lets see how lean and slithery Aaron Gordon is when he's not 18 years old and has done 3 NBA pre-seasons in the weight-room after his team has drafted him to play power forward

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the comparison

You may have watched college basketball this year, but if you watched college basketball when Blake was at OKU you would know that they are comparable as prospective players in the NBA although Blake was a bit more skilled at that point. Aaron Gordon has a lot of developing to do physically and as a basketball player but he has the same intangibles and upside that Griffin did a while back. Like rip said, all it's going to take is a few years with a professional training staff and he may very well fill out the way that Griffin did. Gordon could also develop as a 3 like you mentioned, but the way the NBA has developed I see him more of a combo 4.

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as far as passing you are not

as far as passing you are not correct..if he can display that playmaking as a full time PF it will be one of his main strenghts..

he avg more assists as a frosh than Blake in 2008.. plus he avg 3.7 assists on the last 7 games, both national and conference tournaments

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Gordon will play 3 at times.

A lot. He is different than Blake. I guarantee he scores more in space than what most think. He is a triple double threat. Blake is a 4 who rebounds and scores. He is better than just a defender. Again college ball= no space. He is not allowed to display his full game. I bet he is better on O than most think.

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One thing that needs to be

One thing that needs to be mentioned is Gordons age. He super young and will turn 19 in September if I'm not mistaken. We all tend to compare the Blake Griffin we saw in his rookie season. People forget he took a year off due to his injury and there is a good chance that we see a way stronger version of Aaron in 14/15 when he is done growing or starting to fill out.

I agree with the original post and totally see the point but the main difference is age here to me.

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I agree with

I agree with ImAboutThatAction. There is a natural inclination for people to compare really light skinned players to Griffin.

When I lived in Chicago, they were comparing Gavin Schilling (the Mich St freshman forward) to Griffin when he playe at DeLa Salle HS in Chicago. Schilling is also very bright skinned and skinny and not nearly as athletic as Griffin.

But most comparisons compare white players to white players also and black players to black players.

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Reminds me of an athletic Andrei Kirilenko. Fills the stat sheet. Can rebound and play great defense. Both 6'9. In Kirilenko's prime he was great in transition.

Kirilenko was definitely not as athletic which makes Gordon even more intriuging.

In 05, Kirilenko averaged 3.2 blocks a game, 4.3 apg. and 8 boards. He averaged 15.3 ppg and only shot 30% from three. I think Gordon can put up similar numbers in the NBA.

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Now this is a comparision I like. AK-47 isn't a good offensive player but still contributes in many ways to his team, just like Gordon.

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you forgot... yes, they both

you forgot...

yes, they both have ginger chromosomes...

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worst comp ever!

Griffin to Gordon is a stupid comparison. Unless he goes the Barry Bonds route, Aaron Gordon will never have a Blake Griffin body type, no matter how young he is. & if he did, it would come at the expense of his overrated athleticism. Look at his frame & its obvious. Blake was a specimen since high school...also, sure Gordon is athletic, but he's not Griffin athletic. He won't be Mozgoving anybody. Blake damn near tears the rim off...I can't stand this comparison. I think the skin color thing is hitting the nail on the head.

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Gordon actually has good

Gordon actually has good handles for a player his size, that's my only disagreement with you

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you guys have made some good

you guys have made some good points and Gordon could definetely fill out and become more like Griffin, and I didn't do his ball handling justice in the op.

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I know it's been said before,

I know it's been said before, but I feel like Shawn Marion is a great comparison for Aaron Gordon. They're similar in size (Gordon might be bigger when he's done filling out), both freak athletes, both have high motors, aggressive rebounders, and I honestly believe Gordon will develop at least an average jump shot. I could be wrong, but from watching him play he seems like a pretty decent ball handler too.

Chad Ford wrote that he should be off the board in the 5-8 range. This kid has the potential to be one of the most well-rounded players in the this draft class. I saw an interview with him, and he said that all he cares about is winning. He doesn't care about his individual statistics, but doing whatever he can to help the team win. He really seems like he has great character and is mature for how young he is. That's another thing, he is one of the youngest players in this class, so he'll have plenty of time to improve.

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im luke warm on gordon. I

im luke warm on gordon. I absolutely love his athleticism, motor and defense. Seriously if coach sean miller could have had gordon gaurd all 5 of the opponents at the same time, he would have, thats how versatile he is defensively. That said, in todays nba, you have something going for you offensively, and right now he has nothing. I think wes johnson is a solid comparison.

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