Goran Dragic trade idea...

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Goran Dragic trade idea...

Hes been playing awasome this year(20pts,6ass, 50% shooting) and i think it would be great to see him in a contender NBA team. What you guys think aboat this trade idea;

Indiana sign and trade Stephenson(4years 11mil) to Phoenix for Goran Dragic

Indiana starting 5: PG- Goran Dragic, SG- George Hill, SF - George, PF - West, C- Hibbert

PG get another guy who can avarage 20pts per game and i think with this line up Indiana becomes a legitimate contender. We have all seen how Indiana lacks true point guard and Dragic who is in his prime is the perfect solution. I think this trade could also put George game on a next level, just imagine how fun could Indy become in fastbreaks with Dragic and George.


Phoenix starting 5: PG- Bledsoe, SG-Stephenson, SF-Green, PF-Morris, C- Plumlee

Phoenix get Stephenson and sign Bledsoe as well for similar money. In that way you can play Bledsoe in his natural position. I think backcourt of Stephenson and Bledsoe could be huge for years to come because they would both be young and could develope in a huge duo(similar to what Washington has)

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as a die hard Suns fan, I've

as a die hard Suns fan, I've liked the idea of bringing over Stephenson all year (tho some of his recent antics are troublesome, they are hopefully outliers that can be toned down by a different coach). What his routine issues are is occasionally bad shot selection, same as Gerald Green.

Why trade your best player for someone you can just add in free agency? Lance would give them a ssecondary playmaker (which they desperately need) but wouldnt have to do as much of it as he does in Indy. He brings toughness, perimeter defense, and great rebounding. He makes things happen in the open court and can grab the rebound and start the break himself. Plus hes a much better finisher around the rim than PJ.

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