A good Trade for Everyone

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A good Trade for Everyone

Memphis trades # 2 overall to Minnesota ( #6 overall, #18 overall, future 1st rnd lottery protected)

Minnesota selects Thabeet #2 overall

OK City selects Ricky Rubio # 3 Overall

Sacremento selects Tyreke Evens #4 Overall

Minnesota selects James Harden #5 Overal ( agrees to trade his draft rights along with Kevin Love, #28 overall, #45 and #47 overall for the draft rights of Ricky Rubio and Jeff Green)

Minnesota gets its two target players adding length at C and playmaking ability at PG. Jeff Green adds length to the 3 and is a good Offensive ying to Corey Brewers defensive Yang.

OK City gets their target player in James Harden along with adding a conventional 4 and Window Wiper in Kevin Love. Now Holding #25, #28, #45, #47 the Thunder should have the fire power to move up to the mid teens and select their other draft target BJ Mullens

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about the most moronic thing ive heard

sac aint selecting tyreke no way no how

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