good NBA career for BJ Mullens?

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good NBA career for BJ Mullens?

based upon his achievements at his highschool and his well not so sucessful year at Ohio State, wut will his NBA career be like?

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I know most guys on this site think Mullens is a stiff that has bust written all over him, but I honestly think that the only reason he didn't start for OSU was because Matta wanted to temper his draft prospects so he could have him for one more year. His stats last year really weren't that bad. Of course, they weren't exactly good either, but let's face it, not many solid centers in the NBA today. The guy's got good size and is a good athlete; give him a couple years to develop his game(I like his current situation) I think he will be better than half the starting centers in the league. He's got the physical tools to be a hall of famer, but I don't think even he projects that for himself. However, I think he might be able to sneak an all-star game appearance on his resume before he retires (if Jamaal Magloire could make it...). I think he'll be a starting center for about ten years in the league, which I'd consider to be a good NBA career.

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lol thats funny

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I Have High Hopes For The

I Have High Hopes For The Guy

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OKC Thunder coaches

I think a vital part in his development would be hiring a coach such as Clifford Ray or Patrick Ewing. That is what i beleive has been the problem with this franchise and big men. Busts such as Wilcox, Sene, and others may have been the product of bad big men coaches.
Mullens needs a mentor badly. Maybe Charles Oakley or Bill Laimbeer?

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I agree that the

I agree that the thunder/sonics have trouble with developing big men but Wilcox was not that bad. He actually put up decent number then they stop playning him.

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i think thats a good and accurate view of why mullens didnt star at ohio state. in the same breath i wonder if he did that why couldnt he do that with conley and oden? then i think about how boosters prob would have killed thad if they didnt play so... yea. but i jus watched a summer league game and BJ was hitting a few fadeaway jumpers on roy hibbert and it got me thinking where was that at ohio state? BJ has a pretty from on his jumper and i think becuz he is so athletic he could be a good big man someday

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he did have a high FG

he did have a high FG percentage shooting over 60 percent and it comes to show that the potential is clearly there...

I agree, Bill Lambeer would be an excellent choice in a mentor for BJ, he was a hard nosed player who had toughness to him, maybe that's what BJ needs... the pieces are there for him to be an excellent role player in the NBA if not a superstar.

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the talent is there
The question is whether Mullens will take things seriously enough. I think falling to No. 23 in a draft where he was probably one of the 10 best talents will help motivate him. He could be an All-Star down the road.
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Disagree with Adi Joseph Again

Once again, I have to partially disagree with Adi Joseph. Yes BJ Mullens is a very talented big man with great agility and jumping ability for a 7 footer. Unfortunately he's clueless out on the basketball court and was the one guy who should have returned to college for at least another year to learn the game and get stronger.

BJ Mullens might become an outstanding player down the road, but I for one, would be very surprised. Last year he proved he wasn't even ready for the Big Ten, he only played 1/2 of the game and was rarely in the lineup during crunch time at the end of games.

Right now he obviously is unprepared for the NBA and will be eaten alive by more experienced and mature players. Yesterday he only played 9 minutes in a summer league game. Something's wrong if you can't get time in a summer league game. That's less playing time than the 20 minutes he averaged at Ohio State. That tells you his coaches know he's far from ready for prime time competition.

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