Good Lord Stop with these Trades!

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Good Lord Stop with these Trades!

We get it, You want to make a trade so that your team gets all the good players while giving away as little as possible. Yet u fail to see that they will never happen.

Please report trades that are actually rumored i am tired of clicking on these damn threads thinking these are real and i hear....Knicks are trading Lee and 8th for Lebron and Mo williams. Or Sac is trading Thompson for the Celtics starting 5.

There is a difference between actual trade possiblities and just for fun ones. Like make up real ones Like how the Celts want the memphis pick.

Seriously enough already, they get one or two comments then people move on.

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fake trades

I don't mind discussing an occasional one if it seems likely. But some people get out of hand bringing up dumb stuff.

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no more.

they are all so farfetched. no trade talk till we hear what teams want to trade or players that are on the block.

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those are NBA 2k9 trades with trade override on! I agree...

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the ones that are stupid

are the ones that include the posters favorite teams, you shouldnt bring hometown bias into it

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a lot of people who post the

a lot of people who post the trades say well it works on espn trade machine these work too.

and ive come up with moe unrealistic ones too.

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Agreed enough with trades involving picks

Trades ppl send from the espn trade machine are much better than the ones with draft picks. Well those 2 trades were terrible not just becaz Marbury is a free agent now.

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I agree man, im sick of all

I agree man, im sick of all these idiotic trades. The most ridiculous one i saw was LeBron going to the clippers for Al Thornton and Eric Gordon. I mean, come on, let's be sensible.

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Charles Barkley was traded

Charles Barkley was traded for nobody, Pau Gasol was traded for basically his brother, their are trades that happen in the nba that just make you scratch your head. Their are trade scenarios that sound stupid but if Lebron said he's not coming back to cleveland during the season, please believe if it's before the trade deadline their getting something of value for him, the same goes for Chris Bosh. Sometimes organizations want to start over, and they clean house to have a fresh start. The fans suffer, but living in mediocrity is not what having a basketball team is all about. It's about winning (winning=revenue), so trades are possible if the team is going nowhere or the star player is causing internal problems (Tracy Mcgrady, Ron Artest, Scottie Pippen, Rasheed Wallace, and Allen Iverson for example). Even the great Kobe Bryant could of been apart of this list. The thing is because of the economic situation and the fact that league will possibly be 10% less profitable than the year before, you will see trades that are good, bad, and ugly due to disparity of money made in the league by certain teams based on the fact they live in area that is in financial chaos.

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