Good for Hasheem Thabeet

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Good for Hasheem Thabeet

Without a doubt he has been a huge dissapointment thus far in his NBA career, but its good to see Scott Brooks having confidence in the big man and giving him some minutes. He recorded 13 points and 10 rebounds last night, yes i know it was a blowout. Even his teammate Kevin Martin (who was also his teammate on the Rockets) has given Hasheem praise and said he has noticed many improvements in Hash's game. He is looking to be a serviceable back-up in the NBA and its good to see he didnt take the "im going to give up" route that many busts do. I wish Hash the best of luck in his new oppurtunity in OKC and hope that he continues to improve! Who knows maybe if he continues to improve he could become a starter one day.....

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Dude hit the weights hard

Dude hit the weights hard

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loved him since his uconn

loved him since his uconn days...ive always felt like the grizzlies just never gave him the chance to develop and gain experience.

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his problem was that he was

his problem was that he was the second pick in the draft, had he gone in the late teens early twenties, there would have been no pressure on him, so he could have developed. A lot of teams could use a player like him to play 15 to 20 minutes off the bench.

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Thabeet didn't take his "job"

Thabeet didn't take his "job" seriously after he got drafted. After not getting his rookie deal extended, being passed around and almost finding himself out of the league... he obviously started to put in some work. Ah men! Its about dam time... but better late then never though. Thabeet seems to have turned the corner... but lets see how the rest of the season unfolds and if he can continue this upward trend.

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I feel like the Griz dont

I feel like the Griz dont like to deal with players that need to develop.. They didnt like that Mayo didnt get better so they moved hm to the bench.. They almost gave up on Conley because he wasnt progressing as fast as they thought he should.. And Thabeet didnt challenge Gasol early on, so they didnt extend him..

Scott Brooks has made a career on developing players.. I think he had a huge hand in Westbrook's development and he has really shown Ibaka how to excell with his skill set..

The Thunder do a great job with young talent so I think that Thabeet may progress enough to make Perkins easier to let go.

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Hopefully Brooks is as good as you say, because he's got Lamb and Perry jones that need their potential to be fulfilled

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