is this a good fantasy team

qb- Michael Vick

rb Steven Jackson

rb Ryan matthews

Wr Desean Jackson

wr Marquis colston

te Vernon Davis

WR/RB jahvid Best

Def Eagles

K sthephen gostoski

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Its good

You got guys that will give you points...Vick will get his, Davis, and the Eagles D/ST. Steven Jackson too.

The only thing i have to say is be prepared to cross your fingers...Jackson is a premier reciever, but fantasywise hes a boom or bust player. Marquis Colston will get his yards, but because the Saints have so many recievers he wont get as many touchdowns as you might like. Best is injury prone, and had limited success last year, but he is probably boom or bust at best as well. That spot is probably the weakest on your roster but is easily fixed once the season starts and you find a other guys at WR and RB.

Like I said your team is solid, and you will win some games, but if you dont like gambling and want more consistent players then look around for trades so your team will be a legit threat for a title

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Who's on your bench? The

Who's on your bench?

The bench is really the most important part of the fantasy team since it is where you stock depth and look for the next home run player. Guys like Arian Foster, Mike Vick, and BenJarvus Green Ellis were guys that brought you to a fantasy championship and started out as bench fliers. Every team has guys who get hurt, underperform, or are on bye which makes replacements are even more vital.

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He drew fouls on 25 percent

He drew fouls on 25 percent of his drives, one of the half-dozen highest numbers in the sample of 91 players that STATS sent along. (Among players who piled up more than a token number of drives, only James Harden drew fouls more often.) Anthony shot a hair better than 60 percent from the floor on driving attempts.

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To start with, the front

To start with, the front court is going to be pretty impressive. Chris Kaman and Elton Brand played together as members of the Los Angeles Clippers, and Kaman has played with Dirk Nowitzki on the German national team, as well.

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"He makes (my game) a lot

"He makes (my game) a lot easier. I can move without the ball and just trust that he'll make the right decision. It's as simple as that. I really don't have to work (as) hard to get opportunities. I find openings within the defense, and he makes the defense pay."

Center Dwight Howard verifies everything Bryant said.

"(Nash and Bryant) know how to play basketball," Howard said after practice."Being the guards, they understand how the offense has to run, and Steve has done an excellent job in finding the open guy. We're just going to play off that.89068

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With a little over two months

With a little over two months away from his 30th birthday and a family rooting for him to succeed, Curry looks like he’s humbled and ready to start over and turn over a new leaf in the NBA. Just taking a look at the much slimmer Curry this October, it’s apparent that he’s put in the time and effort to get his weight and diet under control.

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