Golden State starting 5 plus 6th Man

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Golden State starting 5 plus 6th Man

Bogut ( but M. Speights if injuries sideline the Aussie...)

6th H.Barnes

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I honestly think Iguodala

I honestly think Iguodala should come off the bench. The fact that he's so versatile, he could come in for Curry, Thompson, or Barnes. Hell, if they want to go small, they can move Barnes to PF and put Iggy at SF, so he can pretty much sub in for 4 players.

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This point is so obvious...Thompson and Barnes are "volume" scorers best suited to start off starting. Iggy's skill set can and will be effective at any time in the game, so he should be the super sixth man. I'm surprised that people on here say Thompson and especially Barnes should come off the bench. This would hurt their considerable progress tremendously now that they are getting comfortable with their roles...

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I think Klay should come off

I think Klay should come off the bench. Having Curry and Barnes in the starting lineup as shooters is enough. Let him pick up where they leave off and scorch off the bench. Iggy's ball handling and defense will be needed to pair w/ Curry, who can move without the ball and Barnes, who possess the body to defend at the wing spot.

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Thompson is a perfect 6th man. Set the defensive tone from the start with Curry, AI, Barnes, Lee, Bogut and bring in the shooter to increase the lead. I think Barnes is too good to come off the bench. Love him. He also has the ability to play 4 in a line up w Curry, Thompson, AI, Barnes, Center. So excited about them!

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If anyone comes off the bench

If anyone comes off the bench its Thompson imo. So many teams are now starting a defensive guy over shooting. Even though Thompson at this stage is a better scorer then Barnes the team needs some bench scoring with Jack leaving. I see this being the lineup:

G: Curry
G: Iguodala
F: Barnes
F: Lee
C: Bogut
6: Thompson

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On paper it seems like Iggy

On paper it seems like Iggy would be best off the bench, but teams rarely do that when the guys are getting paid like starters. Like TOL23 said he can come in and sub for basically anyone on the team, but he is probably going to be starting from day 1. The only thing I do not like about the Iggy signing is that Curry, Thompson, Iggy, and Barnes can really only occupy 3 positions at the end of the game. Yes they can play together for spurts and often will with Lee playing Center, but when the game is on the line who is going to be sitting on the bench because I think they should all be out there.

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4 around 1 wouldn't be such a

4 around 1 wouldn't be such a bad option. I can see iggy playing some 4

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Starting 5 and 6th man

PG: Steph
SG: Klay
PF: D.Lee
C: Bogut

6th: Barnes

I can see everyone else's scenario playing out, and I'm sure there is going to be a bunch of different starting lineups throughout the year. Although Barne's is freakishly athletic, I think Klay is the better overall defender. He's truly underrated on the defensive end. Defensive tone set from the beginning of the game with Bogut inside and steph, klay, and ai guarding the perimeter.. Barne's can coming off the bench for the 2-4 is the obvious argument. Everyone who's been around basketball knows that shooters to need be in a rhythm throughout the game. If Klay comes off the bench, i don't think he's as effective. You have both him and curry to be threats on the perimeter.Barnes can come in and be aggressive instantaneously. He has perfect type of game and in-game mentality/decision-making to be a sixth man. He's also the better ISO player which solidifies that second attack. Regardless, when all 4 are in the game, you got a lineup that can rebound, run, slash, shoot, contain and contest shots.AI is the player they brought in to make everyone else better, stats dont show his effectiveness.

Either way, we are in for a exciting season and some high quality basketball.

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If shooters got knocked out

If shooters got knocked out rhythm by not starting, there would be a whole lot of white guys out of jobs right now.

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I think Iguodala should come

I think Iguodala should come off the bench. Even though he is their best wing, he is best suited to come off the bench and create offense. He can play a point-forward role when Curry is on the bench and even sometimes when Curry is on the floor. Iguodala and Thompson should be the top minute getters at the wings, but I think Barnes should still start over Iggy, since Barnes is best playing off of others.

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6th- Thompson
I think the idea of Barnes at the 4 is unrealistic, he will not be able to D up night in & night out PF's in the nba, however, i believe he is the better defender of himself & Klay and therefore should start. Also having Klays 3pt shooting off the bench makes more sense to me.

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Barnes played a reasonable

Barnes played a reasonable amount of time as PF during playoffs this year.

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I would personally want

I would personally want Barnes to come off the bench because his role would be too limited as a starter. With Lee, Curry and Thompson (or Iggy), he would never have to handle the ball. Moving off screens and spot up shooting would behis only real role. Where as coming off the bench for stretches with more offensively challenged lineups would allow Barnes to work on all aspects of the game, especially his ball handling. Much like how Harden took the star role of the second lineup, Barnes could do the same thing. I think that would be more productive in developing Barnes into a well rounded star.

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im betting that thompon

im betting that thompon becomes the 6th, that leaves golden state with a big defensive backcourt with klay thompson coming in for offense from the bench.

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I completely agree with TOL,

I completely agree with TOL, however I see why you guys think Thompson should come off the bench as well.

The reason I wouldn't want Thompson off the bench is because I don't think he'd do well being the number 1 option and the focus of the defense. I personally would want Steph and Klay together as much as possible.

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