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Obviously there have been a number of recent Greg Oden posts with him signing a 2 yr deal at the league minimum for the defending back to back world champs-Miami Heat.
Let me tell you why this is one of the most significant signings since lebron James signing with the Miami Heat. Rewind to 2007, Greg Oden no doubt was the most dominant player everytime he walked on the court from college to summer league to when he finally played the scarce amount of games he did play. Yes the guy has had injury problems almost unseen to the world. But how easily could at least 2 of those micro fractures could of been prevented. It's documented that Greg had never felt he had the chance to get 100%. I blame Oden's immaturity letting himself get pushed back on the court before he was ready and I blame Blazer management for cutting corners on his rehab. Portland knew the window was closing with Brandon Roy are we're trying to make a run.

Miami's almost only weakness since lebron has joined the team is their lack of size. We all saw what Hibbert did to them in the playoffs. Now lets compare Oden and Hibbert. Yes Hibbert has played consistently without any significant injuries since 08-09. Last year Hibbert averaged 11.9 points 8.3 rbs and 2.5 blocks in 28mpg. Now look at Oden's stats. In his 82 game career he averaged 9.4pts 7.3 rbs and 1.4 blocks in 22 mpg. To me, that's very impressive because he had to of been playing with pain and he had yet to develop any kind of team chemistry.

Now if you go look at Greg Oden's twitter feed you'll see that he is probably more confident in his body since he got drafted. Oden could of had this exact same deal this time last year but he made the mature decision to get his mind and body ready for a full NBA season. I don't know if you remember how dominant this guy is. If he was never injured there's no doubt in my mind he would be the best center in the league. This guys not lazy, a headcase or selfish. He's won on every level. I have a feeling this guy is completely healthy and he knows it.
Chalmers-wade-bron-bosh-oden is scary good.

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I have a feeling he is healthy now. This should be fun to watch.

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Greg Oden still has chances

Greg Oden still has chances to be the best center in the league?

I see next season average 10 ppg 9,5 rpg 1 apg 0,5 spg 2 bpg in 25-28 mpg

I think Oden after four years of rehabilitation, has a healthy body in order to play without hassles and start dominating.

when I come into the league, I thought I could put 25-15-3-1-3,5 for many years. But after injuries arrives not think so high, but if not more injured , within two years, averaging 16-11-2-1-3 not be crazy.

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Check this out...

I feel for Oden, but in the case of Oden and the Heat. Can the Heat focus on Oden to bring rebounding, size, and defense? Think about it, Oden hasn't played healthy since his junior year of high school. I just don't see at least this season, Oden really don't anything for the Heat.

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I honestly don't think this

I honestly don't think this is as significant as everyone is making it out to be. I wish Oden the best. He is likable enough, but he is not that great of a fit with the Heat.

Spoelstra could make some offensive adjustments and integrate him better than I expect, but so far he has not been the best coach in that regard. I think the Heat will have to deal with Oden's man sliding in to clog the lane, because he does not offer that mid range shot that Haslem/Bosh have.

Will he help them on defense and on the boards? Of course, but I think he will be more of a glorified Birdman than the poor man's Dwight Howard everyone is making him out to be.

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Remember he hasn't played in

Remember he hasn't played in a game since 2009. If you're expecting him to be the best center in the league or even a shell of what he could have potentially been you're going to be really disappointed. At least to start the season he's going to play 8-10 minutes per game tops, probably not even that much. Some people are just born with bad knees, so odds are he's going to get hurt again. But if he doesn't then the Heat can VERY slowly increase his minutes. I think the biggest impact he might have will be during the playoffs. He's not going to get a whole ton of minutes in the regular season and if he can make it that far without getting hurt and proving he can stay healthy then he'll provide the Heat with a much needed big body for about 15 minutes a game. The Heat are going to be very cautious with him the entire regular season, but it may be for the best his biggest impact potentially will come in the playoffs. Still though, I think people are really overrating this signing.

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foul trouble

Dominant or not, Greg Oden never learned how to stay on the court. He routinely got in foul trouble in college and in his brief time healthy in the NBA.

He is almost unparalleled WHEN he is on the court, but he he's never been able stay on the court long enough to ever warrant being called "the best center in the league."

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