Glenn Robinson III

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Glenn Robinson III

Okay after seeing some guy say that Glenn Robinson was a top 10 pick still, I wrote this rant out as a reply, but i thought it would be better as a topic then a comment. I am a Michigan fan btw, and Robinson is easily my favourite college player to watch in years.

Glenn Robinson even declaring at this point would be stupid of him, he isnt an NBA player at this point, he has next to no handle, a developing jumpshot and isnt aggressive enough getting to the line. IF, and IF being the operative word here, he declares, he wont go higher then 15, he is complete bust material. He needs time to develop in college. If he stays another year or two and comes out as a Junior, he will time to develop, be the focal point of a great college program, and if Michigan can keep the team together after the NBA guys are gone(Trey Burke, Tim Hardaway), and they make a push in the tourney, he could be a top 10 draft pick. But right now, I dont even know what his position is going forward, lack of depth at Michigan is forcing him to play the 4, but he has looked more comfortable doing that then the scarce minutes he gets at the 3 or 2. That wouldnt matter if he was 6'8'' or 6'9'', cos he could be a small ball 4, but he is 6'6''. That's on the shorter side for a 3 let alone a 4. He needs to get a handle and a jump shot before he is nba ready.

So after that little rant I have some questions for you guys:
Do you think he declares?
If he does, where does he go?
Do you think he should stay at Michigan?
If so, for how long?
What is your ceiling for him in the league, in terms of statistics?
Your basement?

I reckon as a focal point of a team, in his prime, if he has developed his perimeter game enough to be able to take guys of the dribble and to the rack, he could be a 20+ scorer, and with his experience at playing the 4 and his athletic ability he could easily average 6+ boards. His athleticism and wingspan should allow him to develop into at least a serviceable defender, maybe a steal and a block each? Assists wise, I dont see him averaging more than 2 or 3.

My NBA comparison for him is a young Andre Iqoudala, minus the ball handling ability. I think if GRIII cant develop his jumper he will have to find a niche as a glue guy, a high level defender who never takes a play off. But yeah, I see a lot of Iggy in him, outside of Iggy's tremendous handle which obviously GRIII lacks

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I think he should stay and be

I think he should stay and be the man next year. But i said the same thing about Quincy Miller, only reason why he WILL stay is because he is set financially and i think his pop big dog will tell him to stay one more year

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1. No 2. He would go lottery,

1. No
2. He would go lottery, he would have huge bust potential though (like you said).
3. Yes
4. Just next season
5. If he declared this year: 16 ppg 5 rpg 45 FG% 38% 3pt 78 FT%
If he stayed a year: 17-19 ppg 6-7 rpg 48 FG% 40 3pt% 83 FT%
6. If he declared this year: 5 ppg 2 rpg bad percentages
If he stayed a year: 7-10 ppg 3-5 rpg solid percentages

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No doubt

He would be lottery this year....but he needs to come back for another year if he wants to actually contribute

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