Glen Rice Jr

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Glen Rice Jr

Here is a video I put up when he was at Tech...what do you guys think of him as a prospect and will he be a lottery pick? Another Georgia Tech player moving up the draft board...sad Paul Hewitt couldn't coach because he recruited a ton of talent at Ga Tech but couldn't get results.

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He has a head start over the

He has a head start over the incoming rookies,the nba enviroment wont come as a shock to him..Becuz of his dad and experience of playing in the D-League....People always about his outside shooting,but he has an underrated post game,can take players off the dribble and he's a good catch and shoot player......His defense needs to get better..But a few years from now he might be 1 of the better prospects from this draft..He could go anywhere between 18 and 35.....

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My guess is that he will be

My guess is that he will be better suited in the NBA and after a year or 2 of working on his shot and maturing he will be a good NBA player.

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