Gilbert Arenas is getting his troll on

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Gilbert Arenas is getting his troll on

While you watch the Wizards in the playoffs, remember that Gilbert Arenas is still out there, still getting paid (he's due amnesty money until 2016!), and still rooting for Washington. Alas, off-the-court Gilbert is an entry-level internet troll, and his hating game has been ... well, not strong, but certainly prolific during Game 1 against the Pacers.

 photo A0A6B552-0AA2-4D03-9710-82679568A6C4_zps7cbeqcb6.png

These are all gonna be screencaps/rehashes of preexisting Pacers memes, by the way, because Arenas isn't even a creative troll.

 photo 2B647677-094F-4918-BC6C-329B02602D94_zpsl0rx7dwp.png  photo 61F5513E-DC83-4D31-85B1-04FAB6B9E9EC_zpsd0wuomef.png  photo F5B347AE-1B0E-43EF-881A-FA74702C70A1_zpsufciyaan.jpg

(These are screencaps because several of the ones originally posted have been deleted.) That isn't even all of it. Before the injuries, Gilbert Arenas was a fascinating, uniquely dominant basketball talent. After all the injuries, Gilbert Arenas is basically a Mountain Dew-addled 13-year-old with internet access, yet somehow getting paid more. Update: Gil's not the only NBA star with a career cut short by injuries taking digs at Roy Hibbert tonight:

 photo 692742B5-7F50-4DFB-B05A-D30B1A727A5D_zps0ukutxx2.jpg

 photo B79F59C0-B432-4EE6-AEAF-890F328E7DF5_zpss6hvbxxt.jpg

 photo 603860DB-500E-4B57-92C0-795D500CC93B_zpsu8tehs8h.jpg

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lmfao open season on the big

lmfao open season on the big fella.

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With all do respect to Roy

With all do respect to Roy Hibbert, if you are 7'2 and you average 1.7 rebounds throughout the entire month of April in crunch time you are clearly lacking in effort. There is no excuse slight of being injured to the point you can't even reach up from under the rim to average 1.7 rebounds per game in playoff time if you are 7'2.

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you kidding me?

a 7'2 guy lacking an effort could at least 5 rebounds for christ sake. i dont know what the hell is wrong with him.

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Hibbs getting abused

WOW! This had me actually checking my phone to see Gilberts profile...smh, hilarious and ridiculous. I will not lie I loved me some Agent Zero back in the day. It seemed like he would drop 40 plus every night...honestly T-Mac had a similiar feel like that for a while too. Again, happy cindco de mayo

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With the stat lines Hibberts

With the stat lines Hibberts been putting up we could start nicknaming him agent zero 2.0

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I thought Andrea "Mago" Bargnani was the worst 7' rebounder.... may be i was wrong....

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I feel sorry for all the Pacer fans. I have seen a lot of bad stretches in sports, but this is a really bad stretch for a professional basketball player. He never had great stats, but statistically and on the court he is not contributing anything. When you are 7'2" 3 to 4 rebounds should drop in your hands just by stretching out your arms. My advice to him is to avoid Larry Bird at all cost because he will end up in a corner balled up.

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