Giannis Antetokounmpo Keeps Getting Taller

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Giannis Antetokounmpo Keeps Getting Taller

According to the sources below, Giannis Ctrl C + Ctrl V is now 6'10" and one quarter. He was 6'9" when the Bucks drafted him and doctors confirmed that his growth plate is still open and he may reach 7'0" before he's done growing.

I bet a lot of teams already regret passing on him in the draft.

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He also has a brother with similar size who just enrolled in a private high school in the Milwaukee area. GA said his brother will be a better player than him someday.

Like this pick by the Bucks but hope they keep sucking and have a top 4 pick in the summer of 2014. I get giddy seeing the current big board with the Bucks taking Parker #2.

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The Bucks took a big gamble

The Bucks took a big gamble by going with this guy. It looks like it's going to pay off. Kudos to them!

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Anybody have a good

Anybody have a good comparison for Giannis?

Can't think of a nba player with his skill set, athleticism, and size

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I really like the NBA draft

I really like the .net comparison. Nicolas Batum. I think it's spot on.

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You watch how many greeks

You watch how many greeks will be in the NBA as soon as David Stern retires. He tried to hold us all back with his racist attitude, but he knew the writing is on the wall. It is inevitable, you just can't keep good talent down.

He is hated so much here in Greece, rumours were there would be a public holiday the day he retires.

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Maybe Anthony Davis, or a

Maybe Anthony Davis, or a variation thereof in 2 years.

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&$#%#&@! off

Giannis is Nigerian, not Greek you ultra-nationalist retard

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While I agree Euroballer is a bit of a nut Giannis has Nigerian parents yes but he was born in Athens and is entirely a Greek citizen (though he would obviously be eligible for a dual-nationality passport were he to apply). Check facts before you post shiiite.

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that chasedown block then the

that chasedown block then the hustle to throw it down reminds me alot of Batum

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Tayshaun Prince

is better comp

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He is quite hard to pick a

He is quite hard to pick a comparison for yes but I think I'll agree with KD/Batum. Not on any potenital-star-type comparison but simply he moves and is built like a rookie Durant (saw him sink a step-back turn-around out of the post in the summer league and though I was back in '08). However he certainly is not the elite wing scorer Durant was coming out and has much more of an all-round skill set with above average passing, blocking and ball handling for his position. And, like Batum I can see him being a real quad-5 or even 5 x 5 threat as his game matures.

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Giannis, Henson,

Giannis, Henson, that's a longgggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggg frontline to deal with

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I swear im over here waiting or European Baller like

 photo tumblr_m3k2arewGZ1rrgjmeo1_500_zps5ad8b014.gif

I admit though he was sort of right...except for the being Greek thing.

I heard Giannis younger brother is going to play high school ball...think of the burn Euro Baller would feel to see him playing in the McDonalds ALL AMERICAN game

And don't think because Stern is gone that the Greek limit will be raised...Silver knows what's up

 photo gifs_17_zpsff66a12f.gif

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Wow haven't seen

Wow haven't seen Greek/EuroBaller post in awhile, good to know his ignorance is still intact.


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