Get on the Udoh bandwagon Utah fans

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Get on the Udoh bandwagon Utah fans

Evaluation of Utah possible picks at #9
Utah needs a big guy. As many of you know Boozer could leave in the offseason. Of course no one will produce like Booz can in their first year, so who ever the Jazz draft will play backup to Millsap. I don’t want to see Koufus backing up Millsap. Horrible player, I don’t even want to see him in a Jazz uniform.

Many people have mixed feelings about which big man Utah will take. Most think Monroe because he plays their system but he is not their guy, you will see later why not. So to settle the debacle and get all Utah fans on the right track I will evaluate every big man that could be around at the 9th pick. I will use as I feel that site explains all the big men best and I also like their comparisons better.

Greg Monroe
Very skilled passer, but more of a finesse player. Almost to finesse for my liking. I want my big men to finish. I also think he has motivational problems. backs me up here is their evaluation:
Best case: Brad Miller, worst case Josh McRoberts
Strengths: Decision making, Excellent skill level, Executes offensively, versatility, Ability to create own shot, ability to face basket, excellent hands, BBIQ, unselfishness, BB instincts, young for class, court vision,coordination, size for position, solid frame.
Weaknesses(this is what I look at and fear and therefore do not want Utah to draft him) Turnover prone***, Ball handling skills with either hand***, Activity level***, Defensive post presence***, Man to Man defense***, Mental Physical Toughness***, Inconsistent shooter***, lacks great range one jumper***. As you can see Monroe would not good for Utah for those reasons, now some of those things are coachable but you can teach Mental and Physical Toughness or Activity Level, that's why I don't want Utah to draft him.

Donatas Montiejunas: If you think Utah should draft him because both Okur and Booz don't play too much D, then you should be kicked off the face of the planet. Okur and Booz do play D they just aren't great defenders. Sloan preaches Defense a ton so Montiejunas would just sit in Sloan's doghouse and would be traded immediately
Best Case: Andrea Bargnani, worst case: Channing Frye
Strengths: Excellent skill level, mismatch potential, scoring instincts, ability to create own shot, ball handling skills with either hand, excellent hands, excellent touch, Footwork(post moves), Turnaround jumper, potential, Solid passer, athleticism, Size for position, 3 point range, pick and pop potential
Weaknesses: inability to establish position in post***, Ability to defend position at next level***, Commitment to playing defense***, Defensive Awareness***, Gets backed down in post***, Consistency***, Does not always play hard***, Mental and physical toughness***, Not ready to contribute immediately***, Questionable intangibles***, Strength***, poor rebounder***.

Ed Davis: Great potential but UNC's inability to succeed this year stands out too much. He should have been more dominating, Also his injury gets me worried that it will take him awhile to develop and who knows this could be a re-occurring injury.
Best Case: Al Horford, worst case: More physically gifted Udonis Haslem
Strengths: Executes offensively, Excellent hands, excellent touch, ability to contest shots, commitment to playing defense, shot blocking tools: Defensive Fundamentals, BBIQ, Role player potential, strong intangibles, Above average athleticism, Solid Frame, wingspan, Rebounding ability
Weakness: Lacks signifcant offensive polish***, Midrange game***, Ability to create own shot and face the basket***, footwork(post moves)***, Gets backed down in post***, Not ready to contribute immediately***, jump shot***.

Patrick Patterson: Hard worker so he looks like a Utah pick but is too small for me. Only 6'9. Reminds me of Paul Millsap. I want Utah to get past the Lakers next year. Good luck getting past them with two small 4's (Millsap and Patterson) In order to get past the Lakers you must have size.
Best case: Carl Landry, worst case, Kris Humphries
look at link for strengths and weakness.

Hassan Whiteside: Project, Utah needs someone who can perform immediately.
The strengths and weaknesses are not even listed on draft express, and nor is he compared to anybody.

Cole Aldrich: I fear he is another Greg Ostertag, but if the next guy I list is not available then I would draft him. He is #2 on my draft board.
Best case:Rich man's Joel Pryzbilla, worst case: Josh Boone
for strengths and weaknesses see link.

Ekpe Udoh: plays hard, has great size at 6'10. Plays great defense. Can block a ton of shots. Has decent range. Shoots about 45% from mid range. Perfect Utah pick. #1 on my draft board.
Best case: Jason Thompson, worst case, Hilton Armstrong
Strengths: Timing, Versatility, Ability to face the basket, Nimble footwork, Shot-blocking skills, Strong Intangibles, Work ethic, Passing skills, Above average athleticism, Fluidity, Mid-range Jumper.
Weaknesses: Average Explosiveness(not needed in Utah), Lower Body strength (hard work compensates for that,), Defensive Rebounding (again hard work compensates for that). I actually look at his age as a strength because that means he is more polished and ready to contribute right away. Yes that does mean he has a low ceiling but Utah does not need high ceiling players to compete and beat the Lakers. Would be nice but not necessary.

I did not evaluate Derrick Favors or Demarcus Cousins because they will not be on the draft board when Utah is on the clock. I hope that all of you can now see that the pick for Utah is clearly Ekpe Udoh, and he should be available when the Jazz are up if not then we should draft Cole Aldrich, and after those 2 it is Greg Monroe, then Ed Davis, PP, Hassan Whiteside, and if none of those are available then Montie but trade the pick if this happens. Udoh pretty much has no weaknesses that are a concern with Utah and are not fixable by coaching and hard work ethic. He has both of those so any of his "weaknesses" can be overcome except for his age, but again to me that is not a weakness.

Any disagreements, lets debate and hopefully all confusion about this pick will be cleared up.
We should not pick a small forward because while it is a need a big man is a more pressing need as those do not come around too often and Booz might leave in the offseason. Who will come off bench for Millsap? It should be Udoh

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We should trade the pick for a veteran player...

Who can lend experience, and make an impact right away.

But, Udoh is definitely my guy if we keep the pick. In fact, I'll be disappointed if they take anyone else. I love the kid. He comes with the fewest question marks.

Not one other player who may be available really impresses me that much. Each has a definite downside.

But, I say trade the pick. You think it's just a coincidence that the final four teams are loaded with veteran players?

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Greg Monroe would be a good

Greg Monroe would be a good fit but hell be gone. Aldrich would be perfect but i think hell be gona too.

Whiteside is their best bet, he can develop into a better post defender (still too skinny), and will also develop offensively, and he fits them perfectly.

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How does Whiteside fit Utah

How does Whiteside fit Utah perfectly?? We need someone who can contribute right away, that is definitely not Whiteside. Please explain how Whiteside fits Utah perfectly.
We need to go for Udoh or trade the pick for a veteran big man. And yes, it needs to be a veteran big man to replace Booz if he leaves.

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Patterson is 2-3 inches taller than millsap...

How can you say that about Patterson? He has a longer reach and is significantly taller than millsap.

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Whiteside is our man forgot

Whiteside is our man forgot Udoh. I wont be surprise to see the roster get shook up with a trade also.

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just draft Henry, you needs

just draft Henry, you needs Wings, you don't have enough wings signed for next season, only Kirilenko and Miles and probebly Matthews, ithink Boozer will resign and you have Milsap and 3 centers so draft Henry he fit the Jazz system, Sloan will love him he is very good shooter and play hard!

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