Get the fireworks ready, Giannis Adetokoubo is in this site's mock!

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Get the fireworks ready, Giannis Adetokoubo is in this site's mock!

Giannis Adetokoubo is in this site's mock! He is at #18, and in my opinion he'll be in the lotto by the time draft day rolls around.

Unlike the other guys Euro Baller hype up, this guy is legit. He has the athleticism and raw tools to be a force in this league, and I think he'll be a very quality starter in this league, and a serviceable role player at the least.

So Euro Baller, your wish has been granted, so can you please stop telling the world that we know nothing about basketball.

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Euroballer is aggressively

Euroballer is aggressively masterbating somewhere...

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He is doing it


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Please don't tell me you

Please don't tell me you actually watched a full game with this guy in it!? Euroballer would be so happy. But his highlights do look good. Although everyones highlights look good.

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I have a hard time not

I have a hard time not drawing a lot of parallel's between this draft and the 2006 draft. The 06' draft produced a lot of very good pros and a few All-Stars, but no one was thrilled with taking anyone at #1. That is until Bargs declared, and shot up the board the last couple months leading up to the draft. Not saying Adetokoubo will go #1, but the last time I can recall a draft in where no teams were really thrilled about drafting anyone on the board they went for a prospect that wasn't really in the mix in Jan. He'll rise, I have him at 13 now, but I have to chuckle a little because I feel he has a legit shot at #1 if he can seperate himself, even a little, in the pre-draft camps and interviews.

When looking back at the 06' draft, Bargs wasn't the best player overall, but he hadn't been on the NBA's radar long enough for them to bring up a lot of questions or cool on. It's happened recently too. Bismack shot up the board in the last month, Enes Kanter didn't play at all at Kentucky, but measured well and went #3. If teams are just now sending people to Greece to look at this guy, they're not going to have a lot of time to cool on him. I have him at #13, for now, but I feel he could really rise.

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Almost every year there is a

Almost every year there is a guy in Europe that comes into the lottery out of nowhere usually based on potential. Biyombo, Saer Sene, Milicic, Biedrins, Fran Vasquez, Ajinca.

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