Gerald Henderson

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Gerald Henderson

Bobcats are looking to sign and trade Gerald Henderson. Where do you think he might end up ?

This makes taking Zeller over Mclemore look even worse if they lose Henderson for next to nothing...

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If they knew they were going

If they knew they were going to sign Al Jefferson do you think they'd still take Zeller over McLemore? To be honest though I haven't been able to see enough Bobcats games to give an educated opinion on Henderson.

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I like Henderson, he moves

I like Henderson, he moves well off the ball, uses screens and is reliable in the mid-range. He's VERY athletic but he's just not assertive enough. He'd be a great 3rd option to pair with a dominant big man - he'll contribute but won't take over a game.

His biggest problem is health, he's been unable to stay healthy for a while now, always seems to have some nagging injury which has prevented him gaining any real momentum as a player.

I hope the Bobcats manage to hold onto him, he'd do well alongside Jefferson and they don't have another SG to speak of.

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I like Henderson, he moves

I like Henderson, he moves well off the ball, uses screens and is reliable in the mid-range. He's VERY athletic but he's just not assertive enough.

Wow replace Henderson with McLemore and that would still be spot on. Maybe that's why they passed on him...

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i don't know why Gerald

i don't know why Gerald Henderson always goes under the radar, he's pretty good player...

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The bobcats dont have

The bobcats dont have shooters we all know this Gerald Henderson will do better somwhere else they need someone who could space the floor and that Al jeff could kick out too.... he will get alot of attention as the bobcats best player... Cody Zeller is going to make a name for himself the kid could play... believe it or now the Bobcats done well so far in the offseason they added a Center and a big offensive PF Kemba is getting better by the min MKG good defensively and will find his offense soon they need a consistant threat beyond the arc.

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If the bobcats have to move henderson, i could see them going after Jimmer Fredette.

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jimmer? interesting.The

jimmer? interesting.The smallest back court in the league, pairing kemba with jimmer. His stats do reflect he could be a solid shooting guard i'll give you that. Whats with this mclemore stuff? The bobcats main need was a big going in the draft. They had byombo who is the 6'9 version on dJordan and mullens, who is a prolly top 5 biggest guys in the league but consistently takes 3 that he cant make consistently. They needed a big. I hope bobcats keep henderson. He is one of the more solid sg's age 25 and under. I think the bobcats are better suited moving forward signing him. Maybe not this year but i can see the bobcats in a year or 2 with a couple more draft picks to fortify their bench and they will be knocking on the playoffs. Maybe this year who knows. Al is that good he can atleast push a team with a couple talented pieces into the bottom of a weak eastern conference playoff spot.

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Henderson is good, but it

Henderson is good, but it would be a nice move for both parties if he was moved to another team. He's such an adaptable player since he can play off ball and has a half-court and a full-court game. There are many teams that would love to have him. Teams like Portland, OKC, Minnesota could use him.

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I think Henderson to Golden

I think Henderson to Golden State would be good, but Im not good with salary caps and stuff so Im not sure if they could afford it.

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okay, from the articles i've

okay, from the articles i've read, its not that charlote doesnt want to bring back gerald henderson, they do. they just dont want to give him the money he's asking for and i agree with them. gerald is a solid starting shooting guard in the league who plays efficient offense while being a two way player, but i feel 8 mill a season for him is a bit over his actual value. especially since i dont know which team would be willing to give that to him. i would have given him a 5.5 mill a season deal, and at most give one similar to what afflalo got from denver a couple of years back.

here are the two articles i read concerning him:

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