Georgios Papagiannis

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Georgios Papagiannis

Good to see he had some run today for the Kings. He played well internationally, so I was always keen to see how he went in the NBA.

Did anyone watch the game, how did he look ?

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I really like him and have

I really like him and have always defended him being picked so high. What people forget is the organization picks the player they choose to develop and want to bring in. They chose him. He probally wouldve been picked by Boston or Denver before Sacramentos next pick. I find it amazing how people have the nerve to call this guy a bust or a bad pick when the byfar most productive player from his draft class is averaging 10ppg and 4apg.

Ive been watching alot of Sacramento ball since the trade. What I can say about Papa G is he needs repetitions.He seems to be a step behind most of the time and is adjusting to the speed. Also seems tentative and hesitant as he is adjusting to the rules and what kind of physicality is legal. But he is a smart player that understands the game and doesnt ever try to do too much. High skill level and is a throwback Center with a modern skillset. Reminds me of Marc Gasol at the same age.

Has such good touch and soft hands. Sees the floor well and can pass. He can shoot out to 20 feet. He is light on his feet kind of lile Nurkic and surprisingly athletic. Legit 7'2 280 pounds and is not a liability quickness wise gaurding most NBA Centers. Wingspan is huge.

Another guy he reminds me of is an old Spurs/Raptors player Rasho Nesterovic. He is more mobile than Rasho but had that dame kind of fundimentally sound game.

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