George Hill in Fantasy

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George Hill in Fantasy

I love George Hill as a player. Solid, good shooter, decent passer, takes good care of the ball and is a great leader.

Here's my problem though, I just need your opinions. So in the fantasy league with my friends, i missed the some rounds in the draft. In the fifth round, the computer auto-drafted George Hill. I was irritated with the pick cause personally, i don't think he should be rated that high in the ranks for the computer to draft him. I could of selected guys such as favors, kanter, lowry, holiday, Z-Bo, etc who were all still available. My question is is he worth being selected in the fifth round?? Honestly, I think he is better off being selected in like the 7th or 8th round. I just need some of your opinions because i really can't take this pick out of my mind for like 3 days because i take fantasy ball really seriously. (Bragging rights among us friends)

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h2h or roto?

h2h or roto? categories?

solid player, you know what your getting and doesnt hurt you anywhere
44%FG, 82% FT, 14pts/4reb/5ast, 1.5three, 1stl, 0.3blk, 1.5TOs

holiday - if you need more ast... depends on need
lowry - injury prone but better stats, risk/reward... gamble
zbo - 15/11 and not much else so no
favors - could go for him if you need the big
kanter - too early but could be worth it... gamble

i would probably go holiday, hill, favors, lowry, kanter, zbo

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