Gay over Green or subversa

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Gay over Green or subversa

So what do ya all think bout this when you stand them each to another?
Yes Gay was better till this season but I am only posating this cause there were rumors that
Pierce is offered for Gay and now Green plays exactly the same b-ball.
Maybe only less rebounds so far but Green costs 9 mill and Gay 17 .

What do you all think?

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Green is good, but Gay is better

They're the same age, but Gay is more athletic, more disruptive on the defensive end, a better rebounder, and great at creating his own shot. He's also proven to be clutch and IMO, Green seems to dissapear and be too passive at times. Jeff Green is still a pretty good value, though.

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Green is more consistent and

Green is more consistent and versatile and cheaper.

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i agree completely with this,

i agree completely with this, jeff green works about twice as hard as gay.. hes a better rebounder and overall seems like he just puts more effort into his game than gay.

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I'll take Green and another 8 mill a year player over Rudy all day long and Im Raps fan

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I thought this was about

I thought this was about Gerald Green, I wondered "How is this even a question?"

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Green certainly can be passive at times, but he has displayed (albeit a small sample size) that he can be the focal point of the offense in this years playoffs. He averaged 20.3, 5.3, and 2.3 while shooting .435, .455, and .844 in the first round. He and Rondo could be a good duo to build around if the Celtics decide to move forward with a rebuild. Until the last few months, his contract was considered to be way too expensive. Now it seems like a steal!

I think Rudy Gay is a fantastic player. The problem is, he needs to be a second option, or at least sharing the duties of a number one option. I think the fact that so much of Toronto's success rides on his shoulders is too much. Look how much better Memphis is without him. I don't want anyone thinking that I don't think Gay is a great player, he is. he just hasn't found the correct situation for his talents.

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This has to be one of the

This has to be one of the most cryptic posts I've ever seen. It took me like 10 minutes to figure out what you were talking about. Jeff Green over Rudy gay for sure though. Much better value, and he is still improving.

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both are one handed drivers

both are one handed drivers meaning they can only go one way. both have relatively inconsistent jumpshots. both are not aggressive enough at times. but green is cheaper, a bit more efficient, better coached, better mentored...ill take him

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Rudy Gay is a second or third

Rudy Gay is a second or third option player who only knows how to play like a first option player.

Give me Jeff Green. I just can't stand Gay's "hero ball" ways. Gay is super talented, but he just can't put it all together.

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Im not a big gay guy, give me

Im not a big gay guy, give me Jeff Green. But ff you got Gay and had him play more like Green I'd take Rudy.

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Yep. If Gay played hard and


If Gay played hard and not so laid back then we wouldn't even have this discussion, but at the same time I'd like to see what Green could do as a main option on a team.

But for now I'd still take Gay

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