gasol trade

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but Parsons > Derozan

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At least as far as bang for

At least as far as bang for your buck goes, would never pay 10 times as much for derozan as for parsons which is the case for next season and the year after that.

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Why do you guys keep posting

Why do you guys keep posting Pau Gasol trades? Its already been made public that the Lakers are going to hold onto him to see how he fits in with Nash.

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Parsons is being under rated

Parsons is being under rated in this trade. Not very realistic imo.

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The Lakers are in a tough

The Lakers are in a tough spot..Pau Gasol is among if not the most skilled power foward in the nba....And if you cant find a way to make him fit,then something is wrong...Becuz there arent many other pfs you'll get in return,that will compliment Howard......

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dont think the rockets are

dont think the rockets are going to give up parsons. he is one of those "glue guys" needed on any winning team. solid defensively and is breaking out offensively this year too. it would be one hell of a trade though if the raptors can get that trade done and itd prob save BC's job at the same time.

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i'm just trying to think of a way to trade him for a stretch 4. the perfect solution would be to get ryan anderson but I heard the hornets don't want to make the deal

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