Gasol off the bench in D'Antoni's system?

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Gasol off the bench in D'Antoni's system?

Just my opinion, but wouldn't Gasol be more effective off the bench? He could sub in for Dwight and have the majority of the offense run through him with the 2nd unit. Even though Jameson hasn't been shooting well, he's still a better "stretch 4" than Gasol. If Jameson doesn't start, even MWP would be a better option as a stretch PF than Gasol (Ebanks could start at SF). I dunno, just a thought.

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It doesn't really matter who

It doesn't really matter who starts the game. It matters who finishes it and Gasol will be finishing games.

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Nobody in their right mind

Nobody in their right mind would start a 36 year old antawn jamison over pau gasol

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Gasol isn't a strech 4, but

Gasol isn't a strech 4, but he is a good mid range shooter and good passer. He also makes a lot of money to put on the bench. I dont really think they have to have a pf that can shoot 3's to run D'Antoni's system. But it will be interesting to see what he does with the rotation. He likes to run and gun, and the Lakers are one of the older teams in the NBA.

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I think they rather should

I think they rather should use substitusion patterns to give gasol the reigns of the second unit. Since u shouldent alienate a star (gasol is still a premier big in this league), since gasol is a great at drawing doubles in the post and either kick out or make a post move score. I think thats what d'antoni is going to do.

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I actually like the idea of

I actually like the idea of Gasol coming off the bench. It would strengthen the bench and give the starting unit more 3pt shooters. I just don't know if Jamison is up for it.

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couldnt agree more with taylorcondrin

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Jamison isn't shooting the

Jamison isn't shooting the ball any better than Gasol from deep, so starting him isn't doing anything other than giving up size and rebounding.

I actually like what Bernie Bickerstaff has been doing... He keeps either Kobe, Gasol or Howard on the court at all times to hide some of the weaknesses of the bench.

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Gasol has to start, he is a

Gasol has to start, he is a finese big man which Mr 8 second offence can use.

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maybe even start Jordan Hill

maybe even start Jordan Hill over Howard haha but to answer your first question, no.

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