Gasol for Amare

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Gasol for Amare

The deal makes both teams better...Knicks get a post presence and a lethal combo with Chandler and the Lakers get an even more lethal combo with Nash running the pick with Amare...the biggest questionmark is how bad are Amare's knees

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I see no reason why the

I see no reason why the Lakers would agree to this

Gasol can run the pick and roll just fine and is a better defender than Amare. Even if Amare's knees and back allow him to play, he's never going to be nearly as explosive as he was.

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STAT has an extra year on his

STAT has an extra year on his contract than Gasol so for that reason, no way can the deal really happen as it would give the Lakers less cap space in 2014 and more importantly could mean that the Knicks could get under cap for that summer. The deal as a straight up deal talentwise would be fair but the other factors would make it no go IMO.

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I would never trade Gasol for

I would never trade Gasol for Stoudemire right now he have had multiple knee problems and non insured contract. Gasol is the better passer and defender and nash can run the pick and roll with Dwight since Stoudemire isent the same player anymore i would mutch rather have Gasol, for me its not even a real question.

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