Garrett Stutz

This kid is a project from Wichita State, and he will only be a junior next year, but i think he has nba potential. He is 7' , 250 but is very raw offensively and and kind of soft and not much of a shot blocker. However, he has a nice shooting touch that extends to the three point line and he is a good rebounder, also teams will always give you a look if you're 7'. He just needs to become more aggressive and develop some post moves, and he'll be alright.I just wanted to let everybody know to keep an eye on him next year and ask the people who know about him if they think he'll play in the nba down the road?

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Soft + Raw Offensively + Not

7 Footer +Soft + Raw Offensively + Not A Shot Blocker = Going no where

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