Garnett on the Possibility of His FINAL ASG

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Garnett on the Possibility of His FINAL ASG

Kevin Garnett will make his 15th NBA All-Star Game appearance on Sunday, but he said this season would be his final showing in the big game -- meaning the 2012-13 campaign could be his last.

When asked how he is so certain this will be his last All-Star appearance, Garnett replied: "Y'all don't know what I know."

"I’ll put it just like this: I’m more than grateful that I’m going to this game," Garnett added. "I’m not gong to act like I got more All-Star games in me, or whatever. So I’m actually going to enjoy this one with some friends and family. That’s what I meant."

A lot of ppl HATE him....A lot of ppl LOVE him, but you can't deny the mans willingness to WIN, LEAD, & PERFORM.

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He knows his time is coming

He knows his time is coming very soon. So he has mentally prepared himself for it and is accepting it. When he does hang em up, I'll likely will tear up a little bit. He has been one of my all time favorite players even since his Timberwolves days, honestly.

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I think he might play one

I think he might play one more season to give it another run with Rondo and Pierce if they can all stay healthy, but no more than that.

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If he stays with the Celtics

If he stays with the Celtics it probably won't be his last game. Fans voted him in this year so I don't see why they wouldn't again next year.

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