Gani Lawal

I have never even heard of him! What makes him such a good NBA prospect to be considered in the lottery??

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I agree with you gberg Lawal

I agree with you gberg Lawal is rated way to high but this draft doesnt offer that many good bigs

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I live in Georgia

I live in Georgia and Ive seen him play about 10 times this year. He is EXTREMELY raw and he isnt AT ALL deserving of the lottery hype he always gets. He has pretty good size, a ridiculous wingspan with a good motor, passion and athletic ability but if he is forced to create his own shot, I would say about 7 out of 10 times he will throw up a super wild shot or travel. He has no post moves except for a hook shot that he goes to sometimes. He isnt a good passer and will very rarely score from 5 feet and out. He does have potential and could reach because he works hard, but when Mfon Udofia and Derrick Favors come to Tech and Lawal improves they may have something.

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I think Favors is going to be an amazing player in the NBA.

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