Gani Lawal

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Gani Lawal

I think that Gani Lawal the forward from Georgia Tech should stay another year because Derrick Favors (#1 player in the nation) commited to Georgia Tech. Next year they can make a scary duo in the frontcourt. What do you guys think?

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Since Favors is coming GT, Lawal will no longer be the focal point of the offense, hurting his stock significantly. If he stays another year, he could very well fall out of the lottery.

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Lawal doesnt see a double team all the time out of respect for favors

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This guy Lawal isn't ready to contribute to an nba team right now man. Although he's made huge strides from his freshman year, he's still in my opinion to be in the "raw" category, as too many times he's seems to rush his moves on the block, and fails to show any good counter moves. Consistency on his midrange jumper will also make him more of a weapon. I think he needs one more yr to be ready to contribute, although right now nba gm's think he's ready to be "drafted." And nothing boost your stock more than winning, which GT isn't doing much of right now, thus having favors there next year will allow them to contend and probably make a deep run, along with their freshman guard now, shumpert. That's been the problem with GT, they get good players, but they just can't keep 'em around long enough to be more than a .500 team in ACC play in the post-jarret jack era.

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Lawal has little touch

Lawal has little touch outside of 6 feet. He needs to go to a gymnasium with no one in it and shoot the ball till he learns how. Im never fond of guys who shoot under 60% from the line unless there dominant in some other categories which i dont see in Lawal.

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