Game Footage of Top High School Players

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Game Footage of Top High School Players

Have you ever wanted to see the top high school basketball players before they move on to play at the Collegian and Professional levels?

Now is your chance to view full game DVDs featuring some of the top high school players in the nation from major events such as the Las Vegas Fab 48 and the Pangos All-American Camp. To take advantage of this rare opportunity visit us at to purchase full game DVDs and watch highlights from these events.

Visit our website: or contact us at [email protected]

Top players we have full game DVDs of from the 2011 recruiting class include:

Quincy Miller (6'9 Forward, NC) Tony Wroten (6'4 Guard, WA)
Brad Beal (6'3 Guard, MO) LeBryan Nash (6'7 Wing, TX)
Myck Kabongo (6'2 Guard, CAN) Adonis Thomas (6'6 Wing, TN)
Jabari Brown (6'3 Guard, CA) DeAndre Daniels (6'8 Forward, CA)
Kyle Wiltjer (6'9 Power Forward, OR) Josiah Turner (6'3 Guard, CA)
Quinn Cook (6'1 Guard, DC) Nick Johnson (6'3 Guard, AZ)
LaQuinton Ross (6'8 Forward, MS) Deuce Bello (6'3 Guard, NC)
Thomas Gipson (6'7 Power Forward, TX) Norvel Pelle (6'8 Center, CA)
Erik Copes (6'7 Center, PA) Norman Powell (6'3 Guard, CA)
Andre Hollins (6'2 Guard, TN) Sterling Gibbs (6'1 Guard, NJ)
Amir Garrett (6'5 Wing, CA) Wayne Blackshear (6'5 Wing, IL)
Adjehi Baru (6'9 Center, VA) Jahii Carson (5'11 Guard, AZ)
Sidiki Johnson (6'8 Power Forward, NY) Keaton Miles (6'6 Forward, TX)
Maurice Harkless (6'6 Forward, NY) Cezar Guerrero (6'0 Guard, CA)
Josh Oglesby (6'5 Guard, IA) Sam Thompson (6'6 Forward, IL)
Byron Wesley (6'5 Forward, CA) Wesley Saunders (6'5 Forward, CA)
Brandan Kearney (6'5 Guard, MI) Myles Mack (5'11 Guard, NJ)
Desmond Hubert(6'9 Center, NJ) Naadir Tharpe (6'0 Guard, MA),
Jarrod Uthoff (6'8 Power Forward, IA) Jevante Thompson (6'0 Guard, TX)
Ryan Anderson (6'8 Power Forward, CA) Brett Kingma (6'1 Guard, WA)
Kevin Bailey (6'5 Wing, CA) Kevin Johnson (6'10 Center, CA)
Daniel Gomis (6'9 Power Forward, VA) Dominique Dunning (6'3 Wing, CA)
Darnell Harris (6'7 Power Forward, TX) Gelaun Wheelwright (6'0 Guard, CA),

Top Players we have full game DVDs of from the 2012 recruiting class include:
J.P. Tokoto (6'5 Wing, WS) Amile Jefferson (6'7 Power Forward, PA)
Ricardo Gathers (6'6 Power Forward, LA) Isaiah Austin (7'0 Center, TX)
Savon Goodman (6'6 Forward, PA) Grant Jerrett (6'8 Power Forward, CA)
Brandon Ashley (6'8 Power Forward, CA) Kyle Anderson (6'7 Forward, NJ)
Tyler Lewis (5'11 Guard, NC) Sam Dekker (6'7 Forward, WS)
Jordan Tebbutt (6'5 Wing, OR) Rosco Allen (6'7 Forward, NV)
Sim Bhullar (7'3 Center, CAN) Gabe York (6'2 Guard, CA)
Skylar Spencer (6'8 Power Forward, CA) Chris Reyes (6'8 Power Forward, CA)
Ryan Wright (6'5 Forward, CA) Anthony January (6'6 Forward, CA)

Also DVDs available featuring Chance Murray (6'1 Guard, CA), Aaron Gordon (6'7 Forward, CA) and Lamond Murray (6'3 Forward, CA) from the 2013 class.

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Robert Penn, you have some competition!

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