game 2 of the finals review

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game 2 of the finals review

Major Props to RayAllen. Ray really stepped up in game 2...and achieved a new final's record for most 3's made in a 1st half (7) / and then total in a game(8). Ray was not a factor in game 1 due to foul trouble, but showed that he still has it in game 2...WOW.

Props to Rondo for his triple double. His left handed lay up against gasol...WOW.... The defense he pulled on kobe...near that sideline....and then his block on fisher from behind just shows why he's all team defense. I stand by what I say from the beginning of the season, if Rondo had a consistant jumpshot...he would easily be the best pg in this league. btw, side note, rondo didn't leave the game until after the end of the 3rd. 36 straight minutes of gametime. that's will and determination!

Next, give props to the Celtic's team defense and their energy, and last, their bench. Big Baby/Rasheed/Nate were definitly factors. Nate came in and gave Rondo 6 minutes rest... and launched up a risky 3; it was beautiful. nate got a few other shots i think too. Rasheed came in and defended pretty well. He caused gasol to miss a layup that i figured gasol would've made. Big baby was an energy boost to keep the celtics going. Not to mention...he blocked Bynum and got called a foul instead....yuck.

What I really liked about the game is how Boston came out determined. They played very aggressive and didn't expect to leave the building down 0-2. Anyway, the next 3 games are in Boston. L.A better come out focused in game 3. They need to come out and dominate the celtics the way they did in game 1. Kobe can not have an off night ) and expect to see the lakers win. <--- (8/20 fg, 5 fouls)

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i felt good for the lakers at

i felt good for the lakers at halftime considering they were only down 6 after ray went off like that. But they played poorly at both ends in the 4th and didnt finish the game strong.

negatives for the lakers-bryant couldnt get in rythim with the fouls. Ron artest, as good as he was on defense, was terrible on offense. Lamar odom once again struggled to make an impact. fisher couldnt check either celtic gaurd. Way too may easy strolls down the lane/ offensive rebounds for rondo. Too many blown coverages on ray allen in the first half.

positives for the lakers-Pau and Bynum both had it going offensively and thouroughly outplayed perkins/kg. They were in the game in the final minutes before a string of bad plays and cant look at this game like they were outclassed.

negatives for the celtics-KG was once once again lmited both by fouls and just flat out not playing all that great. Paul struggled. Must find an answer for the lakers bigs back in boston.

positives-Ray Ray and rondo had their way with thelakers backcourt. Despite the lack of productinon form KG and Pierce, they still won which is a good sign. Davis and Nate both gave a spark off the bench. Getting the split in LA puts them in great position to take control of this series now that they have 3 of the last 5 at home.

Either way, I dont think this game proved the celtics are better anymore then game 1 proved the lakers are better. It should be a close series as most expected. Game 3 is obviously huge and now a little more pressure goes on boston to defend homecourt while the lakers dont want to allow boston to gain momentum and start doubting themselves.

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