Future NBA stars in 2+ years

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Future NBA stars in 2+ years

I think these players participate in the All-Star Game in 2 + years

Brandon Jennings

Ricky Rubio

Kyrie Irving

Greg Monroe

Paul George (If Indiana is winning games in the coming years)

Eric Gordon (If he stays healthy)

Jeremy Lin

DeMarcus Cousins

John Wall

James Harden

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Jeremy Lin won't be an

Jeremy Lin won't be an All-Star unless he's voted in, which isn't happening with Rose in Chicago. He had a nice stretch, but there are too many talented PGs in the East ahead of him.

Irving and Wall are a chance depending on how they progress, but they'd still have to beat out Rondo and Deron Williams at the backup PG spot.

Jennings I don't think will get there unless it's later in his career and it'll be as an injury replacement.

Monroe I can definitely see taking the backup C spot, or even starting if Dwight goes West.

George might be in with a shot at the reserve, as it's hard to see Joe Johnson being an All-Star in two years and no other guard/SF really jumps out at me as straight up more deserving in two years.

Gordon should be sooner or later, especially if he stays in New Orleans.

Cousins could be an All-Star even sooner if he puts in the work this off-season, he's got the numbers, he just needs to mature a bit more. I think he'll definitely be an All-Star someday.

Harden is going to sneak a few All-Star appearances like Manu did, but coming off the bench is going to make it difficult, and that does seem to be the best role for him.

While I believe a lot of these guys will play at an All-Star level, many of them share positions, which makes it all the more difficult for them to actually be selected, even if they deserve it.

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Speaking of Jeremy Lin, you

Speaking of Jeremy Lin, you guys don't think Asian fans around the world will vote him into an All-Star game a la Tracy McGrady when playing with Yao although he was injured most of the season?

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2+ years

Yea the nba will make Jeremy Lin a all star...he'll get alot of votes from china (like yao)

Monroe should be an All by next season. Needs to be more consistent (should've been one over Hibbert this season) especially if they start winning.

Cousins will be on by next season as well if he doesn't let his attitude get in the way.

Kyrie should be on in the next two years (ditto for Rubio)

I don't see paul george being one anytime soon

Until the wizards start winning i don't see wall becoming an all star anytime soon

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I still have some hope for

I still have some hope for Evan Turner, but than he really needs to go to a different team. It will be hard since the back court is loaded in the east, but hopefully he will turn it around a bit.

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Gordon Hayward.

In two years?

Yeah. Gordon Hayward. Can do it all, makes the players around him better. I think he's one of those players who just gets better and better the longer he's in the league.

Wouldn't surprise me at all if Favors id there in two years. All-defensive team, decent but not a prolific scorer, great rebounder.

The small Utah market works against them, but they'll deserve to be there.

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i want Kawhi Leonard and

i want Kawhi Leonard and Kenneth Faried in the all star, would be fun with all the athleticism in them, but long way from happening,

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Adam Morrison

Adam Morrison

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irving and hayward

both skilled and high IQ

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Why did you get -6 for that

Why did you get -6 for that post ? That wasn't a bad list....

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i didn't put much thought

i didn't put much thought into it, but it seems like a decent list. i don't think jennings will ever make it tho, but that my opinion.

idk why he got negged.

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I disagree on Jennings and

I disagree on Jennings and maybe George. I'd fully expect Lin to be voted in. Faried could be, as could Gallinari. I fully expect Denver to be randomly awesome one year and for one of them to get recognized as a result. Monroe and Kyrie seem like sure things.

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Lin is of Taiwanese descent. Given how much bad blood Taiwan and China have for one another, it would be absolutely hilarious watching China try to claim Lin as their own. It'll be like Elian Gonzalez, the basketball version! XD

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Gay Ellis DeRozan Ellis Martin

Add in Rudy Gay dude shouldve been in multiple times now. Also Monta Ellis, DeMar DeRozan, and Tyreke Evans. Also wish Kevin Martin wouldve gotten into one but he is underappreciated and his best years are over.

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Lin would have to receive

Lin would have to receive more votes than Wade & that feasable?

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^Two years ago T-Mac had

^Two years ago T-Mac had played a total of 45 minutes the whole season up till that point, and he was almost voted in over Nash, CP3, and Brandon Roy. that same year AI made it even though he had only played 15 games that season, so yes, Jeremy Lin's popularity here and in China will be big enough for him to be neck and neck with D-Wade and D-Rose.

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And you know what gets me

And you know what gets me mad, when all of the Lebron-loving Heat bandwagoning fans vote for damn Joel Anthony. No disrespect to Joel Anthony, he is a fine player in his own right, but 3 points and 4 rebounds does not warrant a single All-Star vote, let alone 101,307. Al Jefferson is averaging 19 and 9 and he wasn't even on the leaderboard. That's more than Rudy Gay, and 35% more than Joe Johnson. I know there are a good number of true Heat fans like Future Scout, but a lot of the Lebron lovers are phony basketball fans, the guys that are the first ones to go out and buy a Lebron jersey, the first person to start yelling in your face when Lebron goes off for 40 13 and 11, but don't want to hear anything when he misses clutch free throws(somthing Derrick Rose also needs to imrpove on), and dissapears at the end of the games, they start blaming Erik Spoelstra for why Lebron isn't playing well. BS.#rant.

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