The Future of the Milwaukee Bucks

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The Future of the Milwaukee Bucks

I am shocked at the turnaround this franchise has had over the past year. This was a team that had very little support and excitement going into

Fast forward to now and you have:
- A new ownership group and arena.
- Two young faces of the franchise that more importantly have both come out and stated they want to be in Milwaukee for the long haul.
- A young energetic coach who I think the players on this team could highly relate to and embrace to learn from considering they likely looked up to him.

My question is, does anyone see them making a quick turnaround into a highly relevant team or is this a slow-process? I mean if Bledsoe would come here on some sort of max sign-and-trade deal it would obviously change the answer, and that piece is even still very exciting to think on. Where do you see this team peaking in the year, 3 years and 5 years. Is it possible this team is in the stages that OKC was when they moved from Seattle?

Oh to dream on what could be in Milwaukee, there hasn't been this sort of talk and excitement surrounding the team since the days of Big Dog, Ray Allen and Cassell.

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Milwaukee has a bunch of guys

Milwaukee has a bunch of guys with potential. I was surprised how they did last season. Adding Jabari Parker to the bunch I imagine they should be back in the playoffs within a few seasons. Ala lot depends on how quickly their guys develop and how many of them they can keep when they reach free agency.

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I am both amazed and jealous at their turnaround, as a Lakers fan. They got a new arena already? 2k14 talks about how they may move out of Milwaukee without a new arena.

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They don't have the arena

They don't have the arena yet, but it's expected that they won't really have a problem finding the funding for it, and the owners have made it clear they are not moving anywhere.

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3-5 years

Bucks were absolutely dreadful last season. They won less than Philly, who lost 26 in a row!

That said, they have some great young players. Jabari Parker and Giannis Antetokounmpo could morph into a killer 1-2 combo. The rest of their team should be considered expendible. They are likely to score another high draft pick, and perhaps trading Sanders to a contender, they might be able to add another young piece.

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Considering they lost

Considering they lost Jennings and Ellis in 2013, they have indirectly replaced them with Giannis and Jabari so the old take one step back to take two steps forward might well apply here.

Next season they are still likely to be one of the NBA Bomb Squads where anything above 30 wins would be a surprise but Jason Kidd can start to figure out his rotation and then next summer John Hammond can perhaps draft on need.

The Bucks will likely get another high pick so would have the chance to add another good prospect.

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If Sanders can return to form this year and they end up signing a point guard like Eric Bledsoe then they could have the most improvement of any lottery team outside of Cleveland.

Parker and Giannis are two big time building blocks.

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No arena here yet... They

No arena here yet... They received proposals from a few construction firms and submitted them to the nba... As far as the future goes I can see a 7-10 win improvement next year if the roster remains as is but if they get Bledsoe I can easily see 30 wins next year which would be a significant jump... We still have a logjam at PF and Pheonix lacks a bit at that position so sending them Ilyasova, Henson or even Sanders for Bledsoe could benefit both teams...

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nothing big, but i believe

nothing big, but i believe Marc Stein is reporting that bucks are close to signing Jerryd Bayless. another site has the numbers at 6-7 mill for 2 years. i dont know how that affects their supposed interest in Eric Bledsoe, but i think it pushes OJ Mayo, their second highest paid player, further down the depth chart. especially when both Nate Wolters and Brandon Knight played better than expected last season

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It seems like they're holding

It seems like they're holding up on signing Bayless until they figure out if they can get Bledsoe considering it's been 3 or 4 days since they were supposedly about to sign Bayless and he still hasn't signed.

Regardless, if OJ Mayo can get his lazy ass back in shape, he will be given a chance to start. SG is easily their weakest position (if you consider Knight a PG, which, if Giannis can be a point forward, I think Knight is perfectly suited to play as an off-ball PG). It's pretty much either OJ or Middleton to start at SG (or a small lineup with Wolters and Knight).

I have no idea how this team will fare this upcoming year. They were expected to fight for that 8 seed last year like they do pretty much every other year, but Larry was basically gone for the entire season (whether it be injuries, suspensions, or just not seeming like he was the same Larry), Ilyasova went from being looked at as a potential 17 and 8 kinda guy and one of the best shooters in the NBA to being an awful shooter and an 11 and 5 guy, OJ Mayo went from being a solid starting SG to being a fat, lazy, end of the bench player, and everyone else was battling with injuries all year. If I recall correctly, they had 4 of their 5 starters go down with injuries in the first week of the season. If things go right for them this year, I could see them finishing in the 8-10 range in the weak East, but at the same time, I wouldn't be surprised if they end up in the running for a top 5 pick either.

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