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I was checking out some stats on when I saw something crazy.

Landry Fields' overpaid self has made exactly 0 three pointers this season.

after attempting 219 3's as a rookie, and 121 last year, he has only attempted 8 on the season. What happened to this guy?

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overpaid happened

overpaid happened

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Tendon Surgery Happened

If you saw him play at the beginning of the season you had to know something was wrong. Had some weird condition where a tendon in his shooting arm was out of place or something.

Since the surgery he has had to re-learn all his shooting mechanics. The good thing is that his shot no longer looks absolutely rediculous. The bad thing is it is obviously going to take him a long time to get back to where he was. Last few games he has had a few mid range jumpers that looked halfway decent. But he is still throwing up the odd brick or airball.

Basically for him to get back he has to keep shooting, even when they are not going to go down for him. Give the guy credit though, he is doing everrything possible to make himself usefull in the meantime. He is turning into one of the best rebounders on the team.

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I'm giving this guy a

I'm giving this guy a mulligan for this year, it's impossible to shoot consistently with an arm injury, he's still one of the better rebounding guards and defenders in the league

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I didn't realize he had an

I didn't realize he had an injury. I actually injured a tendon in my shooting elbow in high school and it was next to impossible to shoot until it healed. I feel for the guy. I really liked him coming out of Stanford, so I want to see him TRY to live up to this contract.

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