The Fresh Prince of Manhattan, Kansas (As well as other NCAA pre-season greatness)

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The Fresh Prince of Manhattan, Kansas (As well as other NCAA pre-season greatness)

Thought people might like this. Shane Southwell takes on the role of Will Smith in their re-do of the "Fresh Prince of Bel Air" theme:

Feel free to post your favorite videos, stories or some of your takes from the early pre-season. Obviously had Duke versus Bowie State, which is already a thread so feel free to post on that if you tuned in or have comments.

Some other pre-season tidbits:

  • Semi Ojelete threw down this insane alley-oop in Duke's practice the other day:

  • Cincinnati beat Canadian University powerhouse, Carleton, 77-63. For those who do not think that is much of a feat, be aware that this was not Carleton's first rodeo against an American University in the last little while. They played 4 different NCAA D1 schools in August and finished 3-1. They housed CAA favorite Towson, 67-41, along with crushing TCU, 77-51. They also beat Bo Ryan's boys at Wisconsin, 95-82 and having seen the Badgers after that, they definitely appear to be a NCAA tourney team this year. Syracuse provided Carleton their lone loss of August, 69-65 in OT, coming back from being down by as much as 15. So, not a bad pre-season start for the Bearcats at all.

  • While I do not watch much competitive eating, I have long known about the awesome power of Takeru Kobayashi. The former hot dog champ and current competitive eating legend made an appearance at Seton Hall Midnight Madness to take on Pirates coach Kevin Willard. Coach Willard poured on some grey poupon and chowed his one dog in 60 seconds. Kobayashi finished with 11. No big deal. Also, to top it off Kobi (as he is commonly and deservedly known as) chugs a gallon of milk in 15 seconds. I personally found this COMPLETELY AWESOME! Well done, Seton Hall.

Well, if anyone else has some things they would like to add, feel free. Not really keeping a hardcore eye on pre-season action as I am waiting for the real thing in about a week and a half. Can't wait!

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