French National Team. A Surprise?

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French National Team. A Surprise?

The main players are not here ( T.Parker, M.Pietrus, R.Turiaf, A.Diot, J.Noah, R.Beaubois etc...), but they had a good start. Yes, they won against Spain, that was a nice game, I really like their D, and after their victory against Lebanon, I saw some smiles on their face. They are now happy to play together! ( Not common for France, remember soccer world cup...).

Well, guys, I'm French and I'd like to know what ya'll think about this team? how far can they go in the tournament? Which players do you like in this team?

Waitin' for your thoughts.

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I have always been a fan of

I have always been a fan of batum. De colo is fun to watch.
Diaw is a better player when he plays against inferior competition.
i didnt see the game vs spain, but i think they are a solid team who can compete with almost every team.

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