Frank Kaminsky

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Frank Kaminsky

Does he declare this year? I know most people don't have him on their NBA radar, but no way his stock ever gets higher than right now. If Ryan Kelly can start for the Lakers, I think this guy deserves a late first/early second look at least. Seems like a low risk pick, too, based on interviews, etc. Any thoughts?

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I did a big write up on him

I did a big write up on him last night but never got around to posting it. With this crazy run, I think he could move into the late first round. The other site moved him up to 22, in next years draft but I can imagine him coming back... Seems like he has a great head on his shoulders. I think of a mature Byron Mullens.

Kaminsky is is actually incredibly mentally tough. It was a site to see last night... He took over! Very high basketball IQ

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I like the Ryan Kelly

I like the Ryan Kelly comparison. Classic stretch four. I think Kaminksy has better athleticism and agility than Kelly. He was an absolute monster against Arizona and nobody on the Cats could check him.

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If they win it all I think

If they win it all I think he's gone. But they are far enough in the tourney now where if they lose some of the guys will probably be determined to make another run. If Dekker and Kaminsky return Wisconsin would be loaded next season. Now back to Kaminsky as a prospect. Admittedly I haven't seen a whole lot of him and don't know the intricacies of his game yet but he has impressed me in my limited viewing. I think he compares favorably to the past couple Wisconsin big men. He's more versatile than Butch ever was, doesn't appear to have the same T-Rex arms and is a way more consistent/overall just better shooter. Leuer on the other hand was probably more versatile than Kaminsky is but I think Kaminsky has a more defined role at the next level and is a much better paint protector.

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Frank the Tank

I cannot believe his development. I saw him play a few times when he was a senior in high school (Chicago western burbs) and I never thought he would see the floor for the Badgers. He wasn't the best player on his high school team (there was a point guard who went to Northwestern) and now he is a borderline 1st round pick. Good for him, he has worked hard and Bo had a little something to do with his game as well.

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More like Dirk Kaminsky

More like Dirk Kaminsky

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His touch down low has impressed me in the tournament. He has made some tough shots in the post these past two games. And he has some very nice ball handling ability for a big man.

I could see him as a first round pick. He definitely has a little Channing Frye in his game. He appears to be a legit 7 footer, so that helps a lot.

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If history is any indicator...

He'll be back next year. Bo's players practically never leave early (Devin Harris is pretty much the only example I can think of, and he was considered a lock to be a top 10 pick (ended up going #4 or #5)). As good as Kaminsky has been, I think there are things he can improve before he goes pro. He needs to put on muscle to be able to play with bigs in the NBA, and he needs to work on his post defense. He could also serve to further work on refining his jump shot, post moves, and passing ability. He's probably the best big that Bo's ever had (yes...he's better than Leuer, Berggren, Butch, and the Stiemer). If he were to come out this year, he'd probably be a late first rounder/early 2nd rounder. With another year, he could propel his stock up to lotto status if he comes back and tears up the NCAA over the course of a whole season. Either way, the future is bright for Kaminsky, and I look forward to watching him develop in the future.

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