Fran Vazquez to stay overseas another year

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Fran Vazquez to stay overseas another year

that &$#%#[email protected]! will nver come over to play for my team. &$#%#[email protected]! coward.

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I don't even know who the dude is.

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To be honest with you, I'm not sure the guy ever had any intention of coming over. I was always curious as to how good he is though. It's bad enough to waste a first round pick on a guy that is completely useless, let alone a guy that can actually play, but decides not to come over. The thing now is that whatever he is making overseas is probably going to be a lot more than what he would make in his rookie contract.

I think the thing that people don't get is that this is not a new trend. There have been a lot of players that have taken years to come over. Think Arvidas Sabonis. He was a beast, but didn't come over until much later. I think Toni Kukoc didn't come over to the Bulls until a couple of years after he was drafted. Recently the Spurs drafted Tiago Splitter and they could really use a guy like him, but he's staying put for now. Some of the teams draft guys hoping that they stay over or making them stay abroad in order to develop or to stash them away to avoid the luxury tax. So really it's a fair deal, though it sucks for the fans. Besides most of these guys have to pay a large buyout and that rookie deal doesn't really help them much. Would any of you guys take less money(and in some cases pay more money than what you were going to make) to move to an unfamiliar country where people didn't speak your language and in some cases pay to play for Sh*tty teams like say a guy like Ricky Rubio?

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Fran Vasquez

He's a more athletic Marcin Gortat, with more lenght, that can d wing players

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I see this guy name on mock

I see this guy name on mock draft a lot.

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