Fran Vázquez

For those who do not remember Fran Vázquez he was selected in the 2005 draft 11th overall by the Magic. The idea was that he was going to play along side Howard. Though he decided to remain overseas. This angered several magic fans because the magic were expecting him to come right away and help. I have kept up with him and checked in on his status every now and then. Recently he signed a 1 yr extension. But i think that he could come over to the NBA next season and make an impact with magic right away. Since the magic traded gortat they have really lacked a back up big man. I think if Vazquez does come over next season he will make an impact. Does anyone have anything to say about this?

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The former Knick Landry

The former Knick Landry Fields provides a more mature small forward in place of James Johnson. Rookie Terrence Ross should become a reasonable offensive replacement for Leandro Barbosa and surpass Barbosa at the defensive end of the floor and rookie Jonas Valanciunas may be the Raptors’ best center from day one.

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