A Four team trade with reasoning

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A Four team trade with reasoning

Why the Cavs do it? They trade away Varajeo and get rid of Luke Walton's contracts all in the process of acquiring Andrew Bynum. They need to get some dominant player other than Kyrie (although Varajeo has played like an all star this year). Bynum CAN be dominant and be Kyrie's Robin as some say he needs on this site. Also, since Bynum won't be back till later in the year they will most likely lose a ton of game and will equate to a high draft pick. This could lead them to draft someone such as Shabazz Muhammed. Also if Bynum doesn't recover and they don't like the direction his recovery is heading he's on a one year deal and they could pursue Dwight in the free agent using Kyrie to draw him in or someone like Josh Smith.

Why the 76ers do it: Alright i know they are looking around the league for a center and here is where i'm going to get the negs. However, I think that with the acquisition of Paul Milsap the 76ers can get away with having Spencer Hawes (who i think is a serviceable 7 footer) and yes i'm gunna say it a healthy Kwame Brown. Milsap Bring a solid 4 to the 76ers organization and he also has a 1 year deal left. If this trade doesn't work out then the 76ers can look to those 2 free agents i previously mentioned to try and help. (obviously going after dwight very hard).

Why the Jazz Do it: They get good return for Paul Milsap and get the young guard they have been looking for. All of a sudden they become the team of the future with Hayward, Favors, Katner, and Bledsoe along with burks, while still being competitive in the west and fighting for the playoffs. Bledsoe has played with Williams before and i think the two can co-exist in the back court again.

Why the Clippers do it: Now most look at this and say but they have Deandre and Blake. This trade would force Deandre to the bench and give the Clippers one of the best frontcourts in the league (although i'm not a fan of Blake's game). Varajeo is also a much better free throw shooter than the other two and gives them that fourth quarter option so they don't have to worry about giving up free throws with Deandre and Blake. Although they lose a great prospect in Bledsoe they needed to clear someone up and i feel like Varajeo is a good return.

I know the Cavs are taking a huge risk and the 76ers idea will most likely give me a bunch of negs however i thought this would be a very interesting trade and wanted to share it

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I don't think the Clippers

I don't think the Clippers would do this unless they knew for sure that Chris Paul was resigning, which isn't a foregone conclusion

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i think the jazz are the one

i think the jazz are the one team involved that should be willing to pll the trigger no hesitation. Bledsoe has two years left on his rookied deal and could potentially be a starting pg that they can have run the show long term.

Clippers benefit only if they feel really strong that cp3 returns. If they give up bledsoe for verajao and cp3 leaves, they will regret it.

as for the cleavland philly aspects, its all about do you beleive bynum will get healthy. If he can get healthy then you have a franchise center. Does philly give up on that possibility for millsap? Does cleavland accept that risk for verajao?

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Clips wouldn't include

Clips wouldn't include Bledsoe in the CP3 deal with NO so doubtful they'd be willing to part with him now.

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i hope they dont overvalue

i hope they dont overvalue eric bledsoe too much. everyone remembers what cavs did with jj hickson i hope? could've traded him for a second star like amare in lebron's last year but they kept him to get antawn jamison... O dont forget in the end, the cavs ended up trading him for omri cassipi.

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While I agree with your being

While I agree with your being apprehensive, Bledsoe is playing much better than Hickson did at any point in Cleveland. Bledsoe is putting up great numbers in limited minutes, playing great individual defense (which doesn't always show up in stats), and putting up a monstrous PER-- nearly nine points higher than Hickson's in his final year in Cleveland (15.6 to 24.1).

I know you were just using Hickson as an example of the pitfalls of overvaluing players and not as a direct comparison, but I think the stats allow the Clips to rest a little easier in their holding Bledsoe in high esteem.

I think part of LAC's value for Bledsoe derives from his play too though, and not from his potential returns as a prospect; he's been an absolute wrecking ball off the bench this season.

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I don't see Philly trading

I don't see Philly trading Bynum and I'm not so sure the Cavs want him. I'd like to see a trade I saw last week between the Wolves and Cavs: Anderson Varejao --> Derrick Williams, Nikola Pekovic, Pick. The Cavs get two players within their age restrictions, an up-and-coming center in Pek and a SF who needs a chance to prove his worth in D-Will. While the wolves get a front court tandem that will over-dominate the boards in AV and Love. The two leading D-Rebounders as well as top 5 O-Rebounders.

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