Foul question.

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Foul question.

So... I consider myself fairly well versed in NBA rules and officiating but some recent events have caused me to question a few things.

1. Is it a foul if a shooter gets the opposing player to leave his feet (attempting a block) moving in a forward direction towards the shooter and (while in his shooting motion) the shooter moves toward the defender partially escalating the contact?

2. Is it legal to field six players on the court if one is not on the "official" payroll and is wearing stripes?

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1. Yes, the defender only has the right to his space and all the space above him. Therefore, if he is moving forward or sideways as he jumps and there is contact, then it is a foul on the defender.

2. Ask Rubio after Kobe's "block"

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Tim Donaghy.

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after seeing paul pierce get

after seeing paul pierce get all the calls for jumping 10 feet into the defender, i think that if the player leaves his feet and he makes contact that it is definitely a foul. i dont understand why the refs give pierce all the calls because what he is doing is jumping into a defender who isnt even really near him

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