Forum Quality - "Have a take, dont suck"

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Forum Quality - "Have a take, dont suck"
Hey guys,
In an effort to improve the quality of this board, some new rules are being made.

We are adopting the NBA's 19 and over rule. If you act under the age of 19, or cannot put a coherent sentence together, you will be banned from the forum. Numerous pointless posts will also receive a ban.

With March Madness here, this board is sure to get busier as the draft approaches. So I'm asking everyone to be respectful of space on the forum.

As they used to say on the Jim Rome radio show "Have a take, don't suck."

Please use the forum to make informed points and limit your number of posts per day.

Thanks guys.

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DOnt forget

Dont forget about people making the same discussions day after day. Everybody keeps posting about Ricky Rubio being a bust and Blake Griffin being like Carlos Boozer and Kenyon Martin. Im tired of the same posts,man.

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